Scott Brown has a choice to make

Will Scott Brown be content to pay his bills with a politically arranged corporate board gig while increasing his credibility in the state, or will he succumb to the temptations of fame, fortune, and Fox News?

Brown made the right decision in bowing out of the special election to fill John Kerry’s US Senate seat, both for him and for the State GOP. He also did the right thing for himself and the state party by securing the state party chairmanship for Kirsten Hughes. A quiet campaign of party building between now and 2014 would benefit Brown’s own political aspirations and the ability of the state GOP to transform itself from a punching bag and a punch line into an actual agent of grassroots party building.

Enter Rupert Murdock, fresh from firing Palin and Morris. Becoming a “contributor” on Fox News would not be a political plus for Scott Brown or the Mass GOP. This is a big test for Brown. Will he sell out to fast fame and fortune at Fox, or will he stay the course and play the long game, working to improve the fortunes of his party along with his own political credibility?

About Jerold Duquette

Jerold Duquette is an associate professor of political science at Central Connecticut State University. He is the author of Regulating the National Pastime: Baseball and Antitrust and has published articles and book chapters on campaign finance reform, political parties, Massachusetts politics and political culture, public opinion, and political socialization. Professor Duquette lives in Longmeadow, MA with his wife and four children.
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