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What experience counts?

In response to Professor Cunningham’s post yesterday, someone asked via tweet, “Didn’t Joe Kennedy III just prove that name and $$$ are more important than experience?”  Well it does rather depend on how one defines “experience” and that usually depends on where one stands politically.

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And Sinking in the South: Sutter

My colleague Professor Cunningham just highlighted the incredibly shrinking campaign by Andrea Nuciforo in MA-1.  I might just quibble with him on one point: the Bristol DA’s campaign for the Democratic nomination in MA-9 is giving Nuciforo’s a run for its money.

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Sutter Loses

Sam Sutter’s race for the Democratic nomination in the 9th congressional district just hit a brick wall: Rob O’Leary is out of the race.

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Vibrant Local Party Organizations

An announcement in my local weekly brightened my day on Friday.  Both local parties here announced upcoming meetings.  Nor normally the kind of thing to cause excitement, but for fans of political parties it was heartening.

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