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Senator Lieberman’s Farewell

LiebermanThe Washington Post’s Dana Milbank wrote about the farewell address of Senator Joe Lieberman yesterday, essentially depicting him as a fighter against the kind of partisanship that now grips that august chamber. Milbank writes of Lieberman that “[h]e tried to push back against the mindless partisanship…. and he paid dearly for it.” The thing is, Joe Lieberman’s occasional defiance of his party’s wishes were as often as not simply the mindless loyalty to narrow politically powerful constituencies.

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Warren goes after the filibuster

If Senator-elect Warren becomes known as the legislator who brought sanity to the filibuster, she will have accomplished more in one term than many in Washington.

She couldn’t have picked a better target for two reasons:

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Brown’s Incumbency Advantage?

Will Senator Scott Brown’s “incumbency advantage” be enough to secure his re-election to the US Senate this fall? My confident prediction of victory for Elizabeth Warren in the race has been met with equally confident predictions of a Brown victory.

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More on the Mass Senate Race

The latest email update from the Warren camp includes the following: “Don’t believe the pundits who say this race is going to be an easy win for Democrats — this is going to be a tough fight all the way to November. We can’t take anything for granted. We have to beat back every false attack ad, we have to knock on every door, and we have to win.”

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The Professor versus The Republican

When Daniel Patrick Moynihan challenged incumbent U.S. Senator James Buckley in 1976,  the incumbent referred to Moynihan contemptuously as “Professor.”

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Warren’s Candidacy

Why is Elizabeth Warren the potential Democratic challenger to Senator Brown that has the best chance of putting Ted Kennedy’s seat back in the Democrats column?

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After LegoLand

Massachusetts Democrats, at least the progressive kind, continue to await Elizabeth Warren’s decision on a run against Republican U.S. Senator Scott Brown.

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