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Hail! Marty Walsh and Tom Menino

As Professor Ubertaccio wrote yesterday we don’t have many formal ceremonies in politics. The inauguration of a new mayor is an important one so let me reflect on some positive qualities of our now former and newly inaugurated mayors, Tom Menino and Marty Walsh.

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Menino’s absence at today’s inauguration

Inaugural events are bigger than the people taking an oath of office.  That’s why Mayor Menino should be at the Conte Forum today.

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Ripped from the Headlines!

The last innovation I liked in the newspaper world was when The Boston Globe started using ink that wouldn’t come off on your fingers. Still I love to open my morning paper and some days like last Friday there is a lot to think about. So let me reflect on Partners Health Care giving Mayor Tom Menino coal in his stocking, Charlie Baker and Karyn Polito facing a Tea Party insurgency and Scot Lehigh consulting a higher authority: not the pope, silly, political science. As a bonus I include today’s breathless coverage of The Boston (Globe) Red Sox.

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Politics in the Blogosphere, 11/21/2013 Edition

A few items caught my eye in the political blogosphere these past few days. For instance, Dick Cheney never disappoints us. Even if Americans saw the loveable cuddly Mitt Romney, it wouldn’t have helped; a more likeable Romney might have meant fewer votes. Can Jeff Jacoby and I compromise by agreeing that John F. Kennedy was a conservative and Ronald Reagan a leftie?

Most importantly Larry DiCara says Marty Walsh “won the Boston mayoral race by putting together a coalition of groups that hardly spoke to one another a generation ago: blue-collar workers, African Americans and Hispanics. He did it with a lot of outside help from other unions around the country, including a big influx of campaign funds, and a powerful ground game from local unions.” Could it happen elsewhere?

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Breaking News: I Have No Idea Who’ll Win for Boston Mayor

Suffolk University and the Boston Herald released a poll Wednesday showing John Connolly in the lead in Boston with 16%, followed by Dan Conley and Marty Walsh at 12%, and Charlotte Golar Richie at 10%. Then the paper nearly ran out of (digital?) ink before tiering a second group of Rob Consalvo with 8%, Bill Walczak and Felix Arroyo at 6%. The Herald drops all the way down to Michael Ross at 5%, John Barros at 3% to create a third tier. Ah, the omniscient Herald.

The end of the road for tiers two, three and on down? Perhaps not. Despite Suffolk’s effort to predict turnout, I continue to wonder how accurately turnout can be predicted when we haven’t had a real mayor’s race in twenty years, the city has changed so much, and respondents habitually mislead pollsters about whether they will or won’t vote. It might be particularly dangerous for a front runner to call Rob Consalvo a chameleon for instance. But who knows?

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Prof. Duquette discusses Senate Race and Mayor Menino

Connecting Point-WGBY

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We interrupt this Senate election with a Mayor’s race

On June 25th Massachusetts voters will send a new Senator to Washington DC.  Then it’s two months to a preliminary election to determine the next Mayor of Boston.  With all due respect to the candidates for Senate, the latter election will confer real power.

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The profs chat MaSen

Professors Cunningham and Ubertaccio chat about the contours of the Democratic nomination fight in this year’s special Massachusetts Senate election.

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Menino and his city

Given his health issues, we might have expected to see a frail man take the podium last night in Faneuil Hall to prepare for his life beyond City Hall.  Instead, the longest-serving Mayor in Boston’s history laid out an aggressive agenda.

He looked great and sounded like a man fully intending on an additional term in office.

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Democrats for Brown

Mayor Menino at the DNCMy colleague Mo Cunningham noted Senator Brown’s resourcefulness, taking a tour of Eastie with Trav the same day his opponent was scheduled to deliver her remarks to the Democratic National Convention.  The same Convention where Mayor Menino spoke and opted not to make an endorsement of the Democratic nominee.  What a whirlwind of a week.

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