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Tisei, Baker, and the Tea Party “Smear”

Boston Globe columnist Tom Keane published a column on Tuesday, Baker, Tisei face the Tea Party smear that was premier punditry — heroes (Baker and Tisei) and villains (the Democratic Party). Personality politics entertains but the column wasn’t very helpful in examining the import of the Tea Party charge in taking advantage of the political polarization that handicaps Republican candidates in Massachusetts, so let’s give it a go.

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Boston Globe: Unfair to Labor?

When I posted Marty Walsh and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Unions the other day I left the impression that the media had cast labor as a baleful presence dragging down the Boston mayoral candidacy of Marty Walsh against John Connolly. Since then I’ve had the chance to review a month’s worth of stories having to do with the candidates, labor, and fund-raising in the Boston Globe. So is the city’s indispensable media institution unfair to labor?

Yes. Sort of.

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Tom Keane’s Crusade for Corporate Campaign Cash

I’m just back from Maine where midcoast saw a state senate election in late August. I couldn’t escape this shocking story of money in politics as reported by Christopher Cousins of the Bangor Daily News: “Democrats and Republicans have already poured more than $43,000 into a special election later this month that both parties see as a portent of the 2014 legislative elections.”

Whew — $43,000!

So imagine my astonishment when I heard that a special interest, Stand for Children, was ready to spend $500,000 to purchase invest in support the mayoral candidacy of John Connolly. Fortunately my concerns were washed away by reading Tom Keane’s Boston Globe opinion piece on corporate money in the Boston mayor’s race. Keane’s posture, like that of Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman, is “What, Me Worry?”

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Harnessing private interest

I zipped in and out of the Sandwich transfer station this weekend with more recycling than rubbish.   Ten  years ago, I would have waited in a line of cars stretching onto Rt. 130 waiting to unload more rubbish than recycling.  There’s a lesson here that can inform the debate over landfills and the cost of trash disposal, noted in an end of the year Globe article by Beth Daley.

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The “Slow Learners” List is Growing.

I’m going to have to add Globe correspondent Tom Keane to my “slow Learners” list.

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