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Our Stubborn Governor

The ongoing controversy over Governor Patrick’s handling of the problems at the state’s Department of Children and Families helps provide some political science insight into the running of bureaucracies and perhaps into the governor’s own managerial approach.

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Balance in the field to replace Therese Murray

Today’s Cape Cod Times noted the imminent retirement of Senate President Therese Murray and listed two of the leading candidates for her seat, Plymouth state representative Vinnie deMacedo and former Falmouth state representative Matt Patrick.

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Massachusetts political scuttlebutt skews male

The scuttlebutt about 2014 is fairly typically heavy with males. 

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Other races we’re looking at tomorrow

With polls opening in one days time, we’ve some thoughts on the state of the race and some other races that have gotten a bit less attention.

Professor Cunningham:  As we await the traditional opening of the polls for Election Day tomorrow, some closing thoughts on campaigns we’ve discussed and some of the politics we’ve not examined as closely.

We’ve certainly talked about the Scott Brown-Elizabeth Warren race. Few US senate races are highly competitive in Massachusetts and not many have attracted the quality of candidates that this one has. I don’t put enormous stock in every TV advertisement that runs but I think the last ads by Senator Brown and Elizabeth Warren capture some of the essence of the choice each represents.

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Knocking on Dem Doors

The Globe had a story yesterday about a lawsuit filed against the chair of the Massachusetts Republican Party.  This is the latest in a series of problems hovering around the state’s nearly insignificant minority party.  

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Color Cranberry Country Competitive

The natural beauty of Cape Cod is matched only by the expert pours of our local bartenders and our competitive politics.  And 2010 promises a good deal of competition.

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Legislative Redistricting on the Cape

Cape Cod’s declining population resulted in a few changes to our legislative boundaries. 

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Vibrant Local Party Organizations

An announcement in my local weekly brightened my day on Friday.  Both local parties here announced upcoming meetings.  Nor normally the kind of thing to cause excitement, but for fans of political parties it was heartening.

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The View from Cranberry Country

Scott Brown stopped by Sandwich the other day.  Just a week earlier I was driving to the Sagamore Bridge and I passed Tom Conroy walking Rt. 6A, the Old Kings Highway. 

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