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Politics in the Blogosphere, 9.13.2013 Edition

A few items of interest from academics on the Internet, including topics such as our rich meritocracy, twits in the media, and conservative columnist Kathleen Parker auditioning for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

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Politics in the Blogosphere

Some good links to topics of interest in the political world:

Bluemassgroup’s David Kravitz has a reality based post The grassroots are withering on the problems at the Republican State Committee. You would have to say that after Kirsten Hughes won election to the GOP’s chair on Thursday evening thanks to Scott Brown’s intervention that his Friday announcement made Ms. Hughes first day on the job a memorable one indeed.  It may be hard to believe that the GOP could sink lower than Bob (Mr. Magoo) Maginn left it, but Mr. Kravitz explains how that is possible.

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The Prospects for Gun Control Legislation

There have been a number of posts at the  premier blog site of political science research themonkeycage.org concerning the prospects for gun control in the wake of the tragedy at Newtown, CT. How much influence does the NRA have? Might it matter that the tragedy happened in New England, not the pro-gun west or south? How soon will we move on to the next news item? I want to share a selection of the posts to show some of the research the discipline of political science has contributed on this question.

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OK, Start Watching TV Ads Now

Feel left out of water cooler chat about television ads in the Senator Scott Brown-Elizabeth Warren race? Didn’t follow it when folks talked about her hair or his nice looking family or … hold on. I’ll think of something else. . . . No, forget them all.

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Romney and the 47%

Two insightful posts about our former Governor Mitt Romney and the 47% on themonkeycage.org yesterday, one on the substance of his remark and another on what impact it will have on the race.

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Political Science and Predictions

In a New York Times op-ed on Sunday titled Political Scientists Are Lousy Forecasters political scientist Jacqueline Stevens went after colleagues who defend National Science Foundation grants that support quantitative research. It’s created quite a firestorm in our profession.

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