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Remembering Ernest Gruening

I’m just back from a vacation to Alaska and family fun to a political scientist means you visit the State House. There on the walls were duplications of newspaper stories proudly recalling Alaska statehood in 1959 including photographs of one of the most important politicians in achieving statehood, Ernest Gruening.

That name may have faded from memory but it should be recalled and honored. Senator Ernest Gruening was one of only two United States Senators to oppose the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which permitted President Lyndon B. Johnson to escalate the War in Vietnam. Johnson’s case for war, by the way, was based on lies, if that should sound familiar at all.

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A hierarchy of Massachusetts political endorsements

Yesterday’s Globe offered a peak into the strategies employed by candidate Steve Grossman to obtain coveted political endorsements for his gubernatorial run.

But does it matter?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

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Longevity in politics rarely an issue in Massachusetts

Speaker John McCormack

It has been a very long time.

As has now been repeated ad nauseum, Congressman Ed Markey has represented his district in Washington for 37 years.

His Republican challenger repeatedly claims it has been 37 years of failure.  Gabriel Gomez goes on to say that he only needs 17 months to make a difference and stand again before the voters for judgment.

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ProfessorU writes a letter to the editor

In response to the Globe’s series, Broken City, Professor Ubertaccio wrote the following letter to the editor that was published on Sunday:

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Remember Joe Malone

This is the weekend when the best of pols know in their gut whether the game is won or lost.  Those with the skill and fortitude will listen to their instincts.

For those who know Tuesday will be a sad night, I bring you the memory of 1988 and a 33-year-old loser named Joe Malone

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The Mass Effect

This season’s Stonehill’s Alumni Magazine has a piece on the “Mass Effect.”  It looks at the reasons why Massachusetts politicians so successful, or at least so plentiful, in national politics.

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A lesson in democracy from Utah

It would sadden Ted Kennedy.  And that’s another reason why Utah Senator Orrin Hatch is not having an easy time getting renominated by his party.

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Is there enough Kennedy clout left?

Joseph P. Kennedy III is now a possible candidate for the vacant congressional seat left open due to Barney Frank’s retirement.  Is it time to dust off the Kennedy for Congress signs?

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On Workhorses and Reelection

The last two times there was an open Senate race in Massachusetts, 1984 and 2010, a member of Congress jumped into the race.  Ditto the last time (1978!) the Democrats overtook a Republican Senate incumbent.  Not so in 2012.

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