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Is it all just a little bit of history repeating?

Gabriel Gomez is not the second coming of Scott Brown, he who seems to be spending a good deal of time lately in New Hampshire.  And June 2013 will not be a replay of January 2010.  With respect to Dame Shirley Bassey, it’s not all just a little bit of history repeating.

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MassInc/WBUR Poll: Known-Knowns Favor Democrats

Last week’s MassInc /WBUR poll (toplines here, crosstabs here) seemed to confirm the conventional wisdom that Congressman Ed Markey leads Congressman Steve Lynch among Democrats, and former US Attorney Michael Sullivan leads Rep. Dan Winslow and businessman Gabriel Gomez on the Republican side. Either Democrat would beat any Republican if the election was held last week. No surprises, but there are some little nuggets in the poll.

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The profs chat MaSen

Professors Cunningham and Ubertaccio chat about the contours of the Democratic nomination fight in this year’s special Massachusetts Senate election.

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Will Steve Lynch Buck the Party Central Committee?

Steve Lynch is in or out, Scott Brown is in or out …

TheKerrySeat is becoming the seat no one wants – no one but Ed Markey of course. The Malden Democrat is near to clearing the field with a little help from his friends in the Democratic establishment,  most especially the party check writers, aka the Central Committee of the Democratic Party – excuse me, I meant the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Diddy was right –“It’s all about the Benjamins” —  and damn this thing we call our sort-of democracy in Massachusetts.

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Your Next Senator Will Be . . .

Your next senator will surely be (your guess here) and that will set things up for (who knows?) to be your next governor. There is a lot of speculation about how the next two years of politics will play out and it is this sort of expert attention that boosted the successes of Governor Tom Reilly and Senator Martha Coakley, as well as the inevitable re-election of the unbeatable Senator Scott Brown.

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