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Appointment Intrigue and Special Election Tedium

This should be an interesting day here in Massachusetts. Governor Deval Patrick will appoint an interim senator to serve in Secretary of State John Kerry’s seat until a special election is held in late June.

As I’ve written before I think it would be most interesting for the governor to appoint a new and fresh figure who at least cracks the mold somewhat. The appointee would get a political boost and perhaps bypass our sclerotic sort-of democracy in the commonwealth. Perhaps another woman, Hispanic or African-American candidate, someone associated with an important issue like gun control, or someone who has achieved at the highest levels in business or academia or the non-profit world. An ideas person. Someone like Elizabeth Warren, perhaps?

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Popular Misconceptions Die Hard

In today’s Springfield Republican there is a very reasonable, well written, and well sourced article about the upcoming special election to fill John Kerry’s US Senate seat. Yet, the piece contains at least one incorrect characterization of the Brown-Warren race just concluded, as well as some unreasonable implications regarding the potential of Bay State Republicans to benefit from the lessons of 2012 in a 2013 campaign.

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