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Another tactical mistake by Brown or ill-advised Sununu ad lib?

Has Scott Brown’s hired the same folks for his latest senate bid who counseled him to mock Elizabeth Warren at every opportunity by calling her “professor?” It sure looks that way.

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Brown’s misstep might show Democrats the way forward

Public opinion polling data indicates that the American people have quite a few misgivings about the law known as “Obamacare.” So much so that the Republicans have decided to make opposition to what is actually called the Affordable Care Act the linchpin of their national strategy to take control of the US Senate. What Scott Brown is quickly finding out is that this tactic is not going to be quite as useful in New Hampshire as it figures to be in Louisiana, for example. What national Republicans are finding out is that Scott Brown may not be quite as useful for their purposes either.

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Gamble would hurt Baker, but would it pay off for Brown?

If an increasingly partisan electorate, motivated by national partisan cues, is “bad news” for Charlie Baker’s campaign, then I suppose it must be good news for Scott Brown’s fledgling Senate bid in New Hampshire. Of course, I also suppose that Brown’s good news makes Baker’s bad news even worse. Keeping the good news and bad news straight is getting tricky.

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Scott the Explorer

Scott Brown has formed an exploratory committee and has discovered that his chances of winning a non-special US Senate election in New Hampshire, while better than they were in Massachusetts, are still pretty slim.

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Oh, it’s on in the 9th! Or is it?

You might be forgiven for thinking the general election is well underway in the 9th District and Democratic incumbent Bill Keating is in trouble.

You’ve been misinformed.

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Does a PPP Poll Show An Opportunity for Scott Brown?

According to a Boston Herald article by O’Ryan Johnson, the appearance of the phrase “coming soon” on Scott Brown’s website along with a recent PPP poll that “found 46% would vote for Shaheen compared to 43% for Brown” are encouraging signs that the former Massachusetts Senator will pull the trigger on a Senate bid this fall in his new home state. I’d say the “coming soon” part may be a good sign, but I’m more skeptical that the results of the PPP poll will push Brown to take the plunge.

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Gomez Still Not Ready for Primetime

Gabriel Gomez’s recent outburst at conservative activists included the following line: “[T]he level of ignorance and intolerance exhibited by them and their small ‘Klan’ are an embarrassment to our civil society.” Likening right wing activists to the KKK isn’t particularly radical, but Gomez later decided that an apology was in order. It was this apology that signaled Gomez’s lack of fitness for electoral politics.

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Brown uses a Warren line of attack

I’m less sure than my colleague Professor Duquette that former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown won’t become New Hampshire Senator Scott Brown.  Brown knows how to be in the right place at the right time (see January, 2010).  And he’s resurrecting an attack line from 2012. Elizabeth Warren’s line.

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Is Brown’s email part of his 2014 campaign “roll out?”

I checked my email this morning and low and behold a message from Senator Scott Brown was in my inbox. Sadly, it wasn’t a personal email soliciting my sage advice. It was, rather, a conspicuously campaign styled op-ed of sorts the former senator emailed to supporters (I am on a frighteningly large number of candidate, party, and interest group email listservs).

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Can Charlie Baker Tame the GOP Wild Boys?

As my colleague Professor Duquette argued yesterday the Republican Tea Party faction presents a challenge to the Charlie Baker-Karyn Polito ticket. That is the sort of political conundrum good pols solve.  A more portentous problem for the campaign may be, can the uber-manager tame the Wild Boys of the GOP whose excesses have driven recent Republican campaigns off message? Let’s recount a few of those episodes.

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