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Memo to Mass GOP: Quite Acting Like a Majority Party with Nothing to Lose

There are times when it might just be a really good strategy for the Massachusetts Republican Party to remember that they are one step removed from being totally insignificant here.  Acting like a hegemonic power is foolish.

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Paul’s Delegates to Tampa Bay

What’s crazier: the idea that some Ron Paul delegates believe their candidate should have a prime time speaking role at the Tampa Bay Convention or the Massachusetts Republican Party’s response to the caucus results earlier this spring?

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MPP on GOP Caucuses at CommonWealth Magazine

The surprise at the Massachusetts Republican Party caucuses to elect delegates to the national convention was that the Ron Paul forces won half the slots, defeating some prominent Mitt Romney backers.  Professor Ubertaccio and Professor Cunningham discuss what it means for Romney and the state GOP on a CommonWealth Magazine video, direct link to YouTube posted here.

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Gratitude to Super PAC Givers

Our democracy is illegitimate unless based upon the consent of the governed and one way we can all participate is to contribute $1 million or $10 million of our own money to a Super PAC.  Just as we have a long history of wealthy individuals purchasing ambassadorships, Super PAC givers should be rewarded with control over the policy areas they find most compelling. So, here are my nominees for 2013 government positions:

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The GOP Nominee

Greetings from the Land of the Eternal Spring.  My trip to Guatemala with 20 Stonehill students was to be the subject of an earlier post but WiFi access in most places here has been limiting (yes, I did on occasion pull out my IPad in the rainforest-old habits die hard).

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The Expectations Game

Nate Silver over at Five Thirty Eight Politics always has great stuff and
yesterday he set the expectations for the candidates within a range of
exceptional to poor performances. So now that we know Mitt Romney is the
official winner of the Iowa caucuses – by eight votes – let’s get to the real
important results: who beat expectations and lives another day, who did not and is on life support.

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One week to Polipalooza

MassPoliProfs contributor Professor Ubertaccio appeared on NECN’s Morning Show one week before the Iowa Caucus to size up the field in Election 2012.

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On Workhorses and Reelection

The last two times there was an open Senate race in Massachusetts, 1984 and 2010, a member of Congress jumped into the race.  Ditto the last time (1978!) the Democrats overtook a Republican Senate incumbent.  Not so in 2012.

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Countdown to Iowa

MassPoliticsProfs contributor Peter Ubertaccio gives his thoughts to NECN on the Countdown to Iowa.

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The Cruelty Primary

Peter had a nice post the other day on the passing of former Republican U.S. Senator Charles Percy as a sort of metaphor for the demise of moderate Republicanism. As Peter noted we have had our share of these upright Republicans from Massachusetts. They have been fiscally conservative, often socially tolerant if not liberal, and willing to work across the aisle with the opposition (not enemy) party. If the Percy type lives on anywhere it is in New England.

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