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“time for some self reflection”

Yesterday, my colleague, Professor O’Brien, wrote a moving piece on the practical impact of the Supreme Court’s decision in McCullen v. Coakley, the buffer zone case.

The response is illuminating.

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The View from the NEPSA Annual Meeting

This weekend, I will deliver my annual report on the state of Massachusetts politics to the New England Politics Roundtable at the New England Political Science Association’s annual meeting. For a comprehensive reconsideration of the state of Massachusetts politics last year at this time, you can (re)read my New England Journal of Political Science piece from last spring here.

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Battling Press Releases

On the eve of the MassGOP convention both state party organizations have fired off press releases aimed at rallying the troops at the other party’s expense.

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Tisei, Baker, and the Tea Party “Smear”

Boston Globe columnist Tom Keane published a column on Tuesday, Baker, Tisei face the Tea Party smear that was premier punditry — heroes (Baker and Tisei) and villains (the Democratic Party). Personality politics entertains but the column wasn’t very helpful in examining the import of the Tea Party charge in taking advantage of the political polarization that handicaps Republican candidates in Massachusetts, so let’s give it a go.

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What experience counts?

In response to Professor Cunningham’s post yesterday, someone asked via tweet, “Didn’t Joe Kennedy III just prove that name and $$$ are more important than experience?”  Well it does rather depend on how one defines “experience” and that usually depends on where one stands politically.

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A silver lining?

It’s hard to find a silver lining for the Massachusetts Republican party.  Not adopting the national GOP platform is certainly a start but when you miles behind, moving a few inches forward doesn’t make you competitive.  

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The pivotal week for Romney and Brown

Not all weeks are created equal in the presidential campaign.  This one is unusually significant for three reasons.

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Political Silly Season

In my last couple of posts I’ve been referencing political science research that discusses how campaigns matter in election outcomes and myths about campaign advertising. But it’s July, it’s hot, and it’s silly season in politics. I have two examples.

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What We All Know About Campaign Ads Is Wrong

Here at MPP we try to entertain and inform while grounding our opinions on social science research. One example is my post Do Political Campaigns Matter? I asked the question in the context of the Brown-Warren and Tierney-Tisei races and linked to some good political science research discussed at the Washington Post and themonkeycage.org. So here is praise to those two outlets for more informative discussion, this time exposing Five Myths About Campaign Ads.

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Do Political Campaigns Matter?

Recently the Washington Post published an article that exposed one of the ugly truths of presidential campaign politics, at least for reporters and the political junkies who avidly follow each twist and turn (and spin). Campaigns don’t matter that much – not Etch-A-Sketch, and not the president’s birth certificate. Political scientists have shown that the fundamentals – the economy, partisanship, and incumbency – matter far more in determining the outcome of a presidential election.  So will campaigning matter in Massachusetts, for Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown, Richard Tisei and John Tierney?

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