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Dan Winslow Tells a Ray Shamie Fairy Tale

My colleague Professor Duquette has labored mightily to defuse the fairy tales that dominate media and “insider” discussions of campaigns. But a post from Rep. Dan Winslow (now a candidate for U.S. Senate) at Redmassgroup.com in which he praises the late Mass. GOP chair Ray Shamie shows there is more work to be done. In Sharing Thoughts from Ray, Rep. Winslow writes: “At a time when the MassGOP seemed beyond hope, we pulled ourselves up by our grassroots and under Ray’s leadership won half the constitutional offices, many legislative offices, along with two congressional seats.”

That is not so much wrong as misleading.

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Remember Joe Malone

This is the weekend when the best of pols know in their gut whether the game is won or lost.  Those with the skill and fortitude will listen to their instincts.

For those who know Tuesday will be a sad night, I bring you the memory of 1988 and a 33-year-old loser named Joe Malone

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