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A silver lining?

It’s hard to find a silver lining for the Massachusetts Republican party.  Not adopting the national GOP platform is certainly a start but when you miles behind, moving a few inches forward doesn’t make you competitive.  

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Losing Massachusetts by 30%

It sometimes happens that a presidential nominee loses his home state and that is typically a general election disaster: Al Gore in 2000 and George McGovern in 1972 spring to mind. The last time a campaign for the White House was successful when the home state was lost was 1908 when incumbent President Woodrow Wilson lost New Jersey.  Massachusetts was not going to vote for Mitt Romney this year so he was hoping to be the first non incumbent since James K. Polk to win the presidency while losing the home state.

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The Moakley Model and the race for the 6th

On Monday I wondered if the race in the 6th congressional district this year might resemble the elections of 1992 when Democratic incumbents were toppled due in no small measure to issues of corruption and scandal.

Today I a look at another possible model for an upset win on the North Shore: 1972.

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Political history and the race in MA06

John Tierney faces his most credible challenge for reelection since he assumed office and history is not on Tierney’s side this season. The question is whether 2012 is more like 1992 or 1972. I will focus on the former for today and look at 1972 on Wednesday. The issue at the moment is an incumbent Democrat who should win handily but, through a scandal within his family, may help the GOP send one of their own to the House of Representatives.

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Mr. Maginn or Mr. Magoo?

Is it Mr. Maginn or Mr. Magoo? It’s a worthwhile question to ask as Robert Maginn generates the sort of headlines that are making him the face of the Massachusetts Republican Party. And in a year when the November ballot is likely to be headed by former governor Mitt Romney and U.S. Senator Scott Brown, that is not good.

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