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Rebuttal to WBUR’s John Sivolella: Americans actually do know who to blame.

John Sivolella is a contributor at WBUR.org who argues in his latest column that those assuming that the blame for the shutdown will be born entirely by the Republicans should “think again.” I’m afraid I have to disagree and write a “not so fast” rebuttal to Mr. Sivolella’s “not so fast” argument. It’s not that he is off base to suggest that reality will be more complicated than the version of conventional wisdom being disseminated in the mass media regarding the political implications of the shutdown; it’s that his argument about why the conventional wisdom may be wrong is…well…wrong, in my humble opinion.

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A sad GOP spectacle in Wyoming

What should the Republican party do to a Senator rated the 8th most conservative in 2012, according to National Journal?  To a Senator more conservative than Tom Coburn,  Jeff Sessions, Marco Rubio, and James Inhofe? To one who has no whiff of scandal or electoral weakness? Well, primary him, of course.

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“The President’s Sequester?”

Speaker Boehner has begun referring to the pending automatic across the board spending cuts as “the president’s sequester.” The folly of this rhetorical sleight of hand is hard to over state. His dead pan, almost boilerplate, delivery of this line makes it pretty obvious that even he doesn’t believe it. Ironically, there actually is a case to be made that President Obama is at least equally responsible for the severity of the impending cuts. Boehner’s weak rhetorical jab, however, only further obscures the likelihood of a more nuanced (and accurate) account emerging.

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The Myth of the Brokered Convention

Figuring there was no way the GOP would nominate a “Massachusetts moderate,” former Speaker Newt Gingrich planned to take his candidacy all the way to the Republican Convention in Tampa Bay.  It was never a likely scenario.  But that didn’t stop the chatter.

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Professor U on the latest in GOP Primary Politics

Professor Ubertaccio appeared on NECN’s Morning Show to discuss the latest in GOP Primary Politics.

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Southern Comfort on the Rocks

“Senator Santorum is at the desperate end of his campaign,” said our former Governor Tuesday.  The same day he lost 2 out of 3 states to Santorum.  Well, perhaps not quite the end.

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A Somewhat Less Than Super Tuesday

In Republican campaigns for President, Super Tuesday is normally a day when a front-runner fully vanquishes his rivals.  Not so last night.

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Gratitude to Super PAC Givers

Our democracy is illegitimate unless based upon the consent of the governed and one way we can all participate is to contribute $1 million or $10 million of our own money to a Super PAC.  Just as we have a long history of wealthy individuals purchasing ambassadorships, Super PAC givers should be rewarded with control over the policy areas they find most compelling. So, here are my nominees for 2013 government positions:

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News Flash: The President is a Politician

Today’s Boston Globe reported that the Obama Administration will be announcing a plan to modify the HHS rule on contraceptive coverage for employees of Catholic hospitals and universities. What does this say about the president’s approach to leadership?

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The Newt Factor: Could it help Brown?

The punditocracy is focused on how Newt Gingrich’s unwillingness to bow out of the Republican presidential nomination will impact Romney’s general election prospects. It occurs to me that Newt’s folly might be useful to our own Senator Scott Brown.

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