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Massachusetts Mélange of Money

I thought I’d do a quick post tying together small unrelated lowlights of local politics and then I realized they are related. So herewith a Massachusetts Mélange of Money, featuring Ed Markey and Gabriel Gomez, with a cameo from Senator Mo Cowan as the man on the white horse.

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Senate politics on Greater Boston

Watch Jan. 30, 2013: Interim Senator Mo Cowan on PBS. See more from Greater Boston.

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Mo Cowan “For a Vast Future Also”

Frank Phillips has a very good story in the Boston Globe today on the Mo Cowan pick, made all the more excellent by quoting my favorite political scientist: me. I was responding to criticisms from bluemassgroup.com founder David Kravitz and other progressives that Barney Frank would have been a better pick: “The impact that someone could have for just five months in the Senate is not great, and the argument overstates the ­importance of having a Frank, Meehan, or a Kennedy.”

Let me expand on my thought.

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