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Who Were Those Delegates Anyway?

During the recent debate over the utility of the party conventions some critics like the Boston Globe’s Scot Lehigh criticized the conventions for excluding decent candidates like Juliette Kayyem, while Professor Ubertaccio and I defended the right of political parties to make their own nominating decisions. One columnist’s back-room insider is another professor’s dedicated party activist perhaps.

A more important issue though might be, who are those delegates anyway? And what do they represent?

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“time for some self reflection”

Yesterday, my colleague, Professor O’Brien, wrote a moving piece on the practical impact of the Supreme Court’s decision in McCullen v. Coakley, the buffer zone case.

The response is illuminating.

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Fisher Fiasco II: Is Fisher Out to Destroy the Republican Party?

Yesterday I discussed some of the legal entanglements of Fisher vs. Republican State Committee, in which the party found a magic wand that would permit it to certify Mark Fisher for the primary ballot against Charlie Baker, without conceding that Fisher reached 15% at the convention (he did though). Today I raise some other questions such as how placing Fisher on the ballot affects Baker; what to make of the state party; and is Mark Fisher actually out to destroy it?

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Fisher Fiasco I: Legal Entanglements

The brief but tumultuous law suit filed by Tea Party candidate Mark Fisher against the Massachusetts Republican Party wasn’t brief enough for the GOP and may continue down the road. The legal aspects have been peculiar enough but nothing compared to the political repercussions. Let’s start with the legal turmoil.

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A Twitter Lesson: Dr. Evil Captures #Mapoli!

Dr Evil






No political science insights here just wonder at the events on Twitter, which erupted Tuesday night about the Boston Globe’s story that the Massachusetts Republican Party alleges that the Mark Fisher campaign demanded $1 million to withdraw its suit against the state GOP. It was one hell of a lot of fun and I gleefully participated. The best take of the evening as usual was from Professor Ubertaccio who cleverly posted this video. Don’t miss it. Genius.

Yes that was Dr. Evil.

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To Mass. GOP, Advice from Ray Shamie

The Boston Sunday Globe ran a story titled Mass. Republicans in disarray as elections near, which did not fall like a thunderclap among followers of Massachusetts politics. The best commentary came from my colleague Professor Ubertaccio who tweeted:

Pete GOP Tweet

In a time like this, there is only one thing to do:    Head for the book shelf and take down the copy of Ted Frier and Larry Overlan’s Time for A Change: The Return of the Republican Party in Massachusetts.

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Fisher v. Massachusetts GOP: What to Expect Today?

What might we expect when hearings resume today before Superior Court Judge Douglas Wilkins in the law suit brought by Mark Fisher against the Massachusetts Republican Party? I’ll be waiting by the twitter feed but Stephanie Ebbert of the Boston Globe reported on last week’s hearing and gave some sense of what to look for today.

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Is there a GOP wave coming?

Is the Massachusetts Republican party on the cusp of an enormous victory in November? 

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Present = Blank = Abstain

I understand that in the controversy over whether Mark Fisher got his 15% the Massachusetts Republican Party is contending that in fact the tally did not include “blank” votes but “present” votes. I followed up on the “present” issue earlier today. Since then a commenter named Anthony has written in to say that I misunderstood the rules governing a roll call vote. For those of you who love the cliffhanger of a good parliamentary rules scrubbing, I copy my answer below.

So, is a present equal to a blank or an abstention, and thus not counted in the vote total?

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GOP Convention Voters: Present and Unaccounted For, Sir!

I’ve just gotten around to reading the Boston Globe’s editorial In GOP convention dispute, democracy draws a blank about the furor about whether or not Mark Fisher got the 15% of the vote needed at the Republican convention to assure him a ballot spot on the September primary.

I’m more confused than ever by the factual clarifications offered by the party.

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