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Fisher v. Massachusetts GOP: What to Expect Today?

What might we expect when hearings resume today before Superior Court Judge Douglas Wilkins in the law suit brought by Mark Fisher against the Massachusetts Republican Party? I’ll be waiting by the twitter feed but Stephanie Ebbert of the Boston Globe reported on last week’s hearing and gave some sense of what to look for today.

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Is there a GOP wave coming?

Is the Massachusetts Republican party on the cusp of an enormous victory in November? 

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Present = Blank = Abstain

I understand that in the controversy over whether Mark Fisher got his 15% the Massachusetts Republican Party is contending that in fact the tally did not include “blank” votes but “present” votes. I followed up on the “present” issue earlier today. Since then a commenter named Anthony has written in to say that I misunderstood the rules governing a roll call vote. For those of you who love the cliffhanger of a good parliamentary rules scrubbing, I copy my answer below.

So, is a present equal to a blank or an abstention, and thus not counted in the vote total?

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GOP Convention Voters: Present and Unaccounted For, Sir!

I’ve just gotten around to reading the Boston Globe’s editorial In GOP convention dispute, democracy draws a blank about the furor about whether or not Mark Fisher got the 15% of the vote needed at the Republican convention to assure him a ballot spot on the September primary.

I’m more confused than ever by the factual clarifications offered by the party.

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The GOP convention shouldn’t have ended in confusion.

The Republicans could have used their own nominee for State Auditor to help them count their votes at Saturday’s convention.

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Free Advice for Charlie Baker: Don’t Pick Gomez.

Having shook Charlie’s hand at the Big E last Saturday, I now feel obliged to offer the likely Republican nominee for governor some unsolicited advice. Pay no attention to recent reports of Gabriel Gomez’s “interest” in or “receptivity to” joining your team as the Lt. Governor nominee. Republicans win gubernatorial elections by convincing voters that the state needs a talented CEO to right a sinking ship, not by playing identity politics.

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Welcome to Republican Massachusetts

The RNC is in Boston for three full days.  What should they do to feel at home?

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Scott Brown comes to the Cape

The former Senator came to a friendly part of the state on Thursday night.  In his reelection attempt, Brown did very well on Cape Cod and Cranberry Country in general.  We here like our sand soft, our quahogs stuffed, our gin cold, and our politics competitive. 

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Massachusetts Legislature: Deep Blue, Pale Red

Want to know how liberal our Democratic legislature really is in comparison with Democratic legislators in other states? Or whether our tiny band of Republicans has fought the ideologically pure fight for the past twenty years? Political scientist Seth Masket of MischiefsofFaction and the University of Denver has the answer for you.

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Republicans Debate in Springfield

imageThe Republican US Senate candidates’ debate in Springfield reminded me of the quarter final games of the D2 NCAA “Elite Eight” tournament when it was played in Springfield. The games were good, but the stands were mostly empty and the sense that these hard working, talented players were toiling in a minor league of sorts was very hard to shake.

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