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Five post-convention takeaways

The Democrats have gone home.  Before the primary election begins in earnest, I’ve a few post-Convention thoughts to consider.

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Free Advice for Charlie Baker: Don’t Pick Gomez.

Having shook Charlie’s hand at the Big E last Saturday, I now feel obliged to offer the likely Republican nominee for governor some unsolicited advice. Pay no attention to recent reports of Gabriel Gomez’s “interest” in or “receptivity to” joining your team as the Lt. Governor nominee. Republicans win gubernatorial elections by convincing voters that the state needs a talented CEO to right a sinking ship, not by playing identity politics.

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Martha Coakley might “unravel at any moment”

Democrats, it’s time to move on.

Your inability to move beyond January 2010 when it comes to Martha Coakley is embarrassing. 

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“The Fix” on Mass US Senate Race

“The Fix” is a blog affiliated with The Washington Post. It’s founder and lead blogger, Chris Cillizza, earned kudos from Masspoliticsprofs for including our site on his list of the top state-based political blogs a while back. In today’s edition of “The Fix” Cizzilla has included the Massachusetts US Senate race on his list of the “Top Five Races of 2013.”

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Sympathy for the Herald

You have to have some sympathy for the state’s politically conservative newspaper, the Boston Herald. Keeping up the spirits of its readership is tough. Today’s Front page story (which is actually an op-ed) is illustrative. It reports that Massachusetts Dems are fearful of Scott Brown as a potential candidate for John Kerry’s seat, but are even “more” afraid of Brown as as gubernatorial candidate in 2014.

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Tidings of comfort & joy from WBUR

I was gently chided by a reader after my last post on the upcoming special election where I suggested that Senator Brown might not be the odds on favorite.  This reader reminded me that despite his loss, Senator Brown remains enormously popular in the state with approval ratings the envy of most politicians.  WBUR confirmed this yesterday

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