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Martha Coakley might “unravel at any moment”

Democrats, it’s time to move on.

Your inability to move beyond January 2010 when it comes to Martha Coakley is embarrassing. 

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News from the One Party in a One Party State

The Democrats met in convention in Lowell over the weekend amidst maneuvering by congressional candidates, committed and potential gubernatorial candidates, and politicians at lower rungs looking to move up. It’s a festival for the folks who do the ground work in the party; most of them are reliably to the left of Democrats in the electorate, not to mention the average Massachusetts voter. But the delegates represent the sinews of the party and candidate appeals reflected that fact.

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Massachusetts Legislature: Deep Blue, Pale Red

Want to know how liberal our Democratic legislature really is in comparison with Democratic legislators in other states? Or whether our tiny band of Republicans has fought the ideologically pure fight for the past twenty years? Political scientist Seth Masket of MischiefsofFaction and the University of Denver has the answer for you.

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The profs chat MaSen

Professors Cunningham and Ubertaccio chat about the contours of the Democratic nomination fight in this year’s special Massachusetts Senate election.

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The Next John Walsh?

This week I had the pleasure to interview John Walsh, the chairman of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, for UMass Boston’s public affairs radio program Commonwealth Journal on WUMB (interview will play Sunday at 7:00PM). As you might imagine Chairman Walsh was quite pleased with the November election results. He was especially enthusiastic with robust turnout in communities of color and praised rising elected officials like Boston city councilors Ayanna Pressley and Tito Jackson and state senator Sonia Chang-Diaz. We’ll surely hear more from them in the future but, I asked Chairman Walsh, what about the future John Walshs – the behind the scenes architects of political victory? Actually, he told me, many of them were recently identified in an important article in The Bay State Banner, Diversity more than a buzz word at Warren campaign.

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Scott Brown will win in 2013! Really?

It would appear that Scott Brown has already won the phantom special election of 2013.  In today’s Globe, Robert Kuttner writes that should John Kerry go to Foggy Bottom, “Scott Brown would likely run, and win.”

Hmmm.  Perhaps I’ve been at the Eggnog too much (and too early) but I have very serious doubts.

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Warren Advantage at Ground Game

We’re fixated with debates that aren’t “game changers,” TV ads that are forgotten tomorrow, and “gaffes” that don’t move poll numbers. Political organization isn’t as sexy but it’s very important, and Democrat Elizabeth Warren seems to have an advantage over Republican Scott Brown.

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Popular Perception versus the Evidence in the Brown-Warren Senate Race

Scott Brown’s re-election campaign has a much tougher fight this fall than the pollsters, pundits, and press corps seem to realize. The popular perception that this Massachusetts US Senate race is a “toss up,” is based on polling data that continues to show a dead heat, the afterglow of Brown’s upset victory in 2010, and an inflated appreciation for the electoral significance of Brown’s skills as a campaigner.

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Ray Flynn Is a Democrat

I was with some Democratic friends the other evening when the Ray Flynn television ad for Scott Brown came up as a topic of conversation. “He’s not a Democrat, he endorses Republicans” was the consensus reaction. But of course Flynn is a Democrat, a particular kind of Boston Democrat – an Irish Catholic Democrat.

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Deval Patrick, Puritan Conservative

For a fellow raised in Chicago Deval Patrick sure understands us here in Massachusetts: we’re Puritans, and he’s our John Winthrop.

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