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Charlie Baker’s Party Problems

The presumptive 2014 Republican nominee for Governor, Charlie Baker, will have to campaign hard to win in November simply because the state of affairs in the Bay State is pretty good and the outgoing Democratic governor, despite concerted efforts by rightwing pols and pundits, will exit the stage to general applause. Unfortunately for Baker he has the additional burden of his political party’s very unpopular brand in Massachusetts.

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The Mass GOP needs better role models

According to the Boston Globe, the Mass GOP has “filed a public records request for documents that might show whether public resources were used in landing Lieutenant Governor Timothy P. Murray the job” at the Worcester Area Chamber of Commerce.

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The Mass GOP Bench

imageThe news that Susan Rice will not be the next Secretary of State has reignited speculation that we will have another US Senate special election. We have already chronicled Some of Scott Brown’s obstacles to winning another special election. The state’s bench on the GOP side, which is deep enough to throw a primary fight in Brown’s path, is another one.

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