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Residency rules, democratic life, rule of law

The debate over residency requirements for municipal employees in Boston has heated up in response to Mayor Marty Walsh’s suggestion to relax the rule and a Boston Globe report showing how often the rule is flouted. The deeper debate is an old one, raising issues of both democratic society and the rule of law.

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What a week Michelle Wu is having!

The idea that the city council presidency of Bill Linehan will be brought to you by the vote of councilor Michelle Wu is not sitting well with many who imagined the election of Wu signaled a change in Boston politics.

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Politics in the Blogosphere, 11/21/2013 Edition

A few items caught my eye in the political blogosphere these past few days. For instance, Dick Cheney never disappoints us. Even if Americans saw the loveable cuddly Mitt Romney, it wouldn’t have helped; a more likeable Romney might have meant fewer votes. Can Jeff Jacoby and I compromise by agreeing that John F. Kennedy was a conservative and Ronald Reagan a leftie?

Most importantly Larry DiCara says Marty Walsh “won the Boston mayoral race by putting together a coalition of groups that hardly spoke to one another a generation ago: blue-collar workers, African Americans and Hispanics. He did it with a lot of outside help from other unions around the country, including a big influx of campaign funds, and a powerful ground game from local unions.” Could it happen elsewhere?

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Larry DiCara on the Walsh-Connolly Contest

Last night at the John W. McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies Leadership Series I got to introduce Larry DiCara of the law firm Nixon Peabody LLP for a discussion of the Boston mayoral election. As a former Boston city council president, mayoral candidate, and author of Turmoil and Transition in Boston: A Political Memoir from the Busing Era, Larry can tell us much of what we need to know about Boston politics.

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Politics in the Blogosphere, May 6, 2013 Edition

Before The GOP goes gonzo for Gomez as Gabrielle Gurley puts it in Commonwealth Magazine, they should read Jeff Jacoby’s realistic Sunday column in the Boston Globe. To Gomez’s refrain that he has always been a Republican, Jacoby writes: “He has yet to tell voters why — and why they should find that attractive.” But that is the problem here – Massachusetts voters do not find the Republican Party to be attractive, especially its national variant.

No one has studied Where the votes are in Boston longer or with more precision than Larry DiCara, so read his article in CommonWealth Magazine to prep for the mayoral race, with a field that may be larger than the entrants in the Kentucky Derby.

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