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The Mass. GOP’s 15% Conundrum: Let’s Be “Reasonable”

The Massachusetts Republican Party has obtained a legal opinion (posted at redmassgroup) from Attorney Michael T. Morley addressed to GOP chair Kirsten Hughes. Attorney Morley opines that the State Committee cannot change the convention outcome to allow Mark Fisher onto the primary ballot.

Case closed? Not so fast.

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The Mass GOP needs better role models

According to the Boston Globe, the Mass GOP has “filed a public records request for documents that might show whether public resources were used in landing Lieutenant Governor Timothy P. Murray the job” at the Worcester Area Chamber of Commerce.

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Special Election Primary Potpourri

There has been a flurry of announcements and non-announcements in the special election as everyone but Gaspar Griswold Bacon enjoys a moment in the limelight before remembering that pressing business or family time prevail over service. We’ve had Gerry Leone and Bill Weld, continued misdiagnosis of the Scott Brown 2010 victory, and Brown giving birth to a new GOP chair then abandoning her at the nearest safe haven.  And Tagg Romney, we hardly knew ye.

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Politics in the Blogosphere

Some good links to topics of interest in the political world:

Bluemassgroup’s David Kravitz has a reality based post The grassroots are withering on the problems at the Republican State Committee. You would have to say that after Kirsten Hughes won election to the GOP’s chair on Thursday evening thanks to Scott Brown’s intervention that his Friday announcement made Ms. Hughes first day on the job a memorable one indeed.  It may be hard to believe that the GOP could sink lower than Bob (Mr. Magoo) Maginn left it, but Mr. Kravitz explains how that is possible.

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