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Markey generates excitement by proxy while Gomez gets little help from his friends.

Ed Markey has never been known as a charismatic, smooth talking, crowd pleaser. In his ongoing campaign for the US Senate, he has made no effort to persuade voters that he is.

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The Mass GOP Bench

imageThe news that Susan Rice will not be the next Secretary of State has reignited speculation that we will have another US Senate special election. We have already chronicled Some of Scott Brown’s obstacles to winning another special election. The state’s bench on the GOP side, which is deep enough to throw a primary fight in Brown’s path, is another one.

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Massachusetts Caucuses Gone Wild

Kerry Healy didn’t make it. Neither did Brad Jones. Apparently out organized and under enthused, the official “Mitt” delegate slates were defeated all across the Commonwealth on Saturday. A majority of the 27 delegates that Massachusetts Republicans chose on Saturday to send to the Tampa Bay convention will be non Mitt supporters. What in the name of Leverett Saltonstall is going on here?  Get Bob Maginn on the phone! Mitt must be furious! What a disaster and a huge embarrassment! Is that Ron Kaufmann crying in the corner?

Methinks the damage is overstated.

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