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Other races we’re looking at tomorrow

With polls opening in one days time, we’ve some thoughts on the state of the race and some other races that have gotten a bit less attention.

Professor Cunningham:  As we await the traditional opening of the polls for Election Day tomorrow, some closing thoughts on campaigns we’ve discussed and some of the politics we’ve not examined as closely.

We’ve certainly talked about the Scott Brown-Elizabeth Warren race. Few US senate races are highly competitive in Massachusetts and not many have attracted the quality of candidates that this one has. I don’t put enormous stock in every TV advertisement that runs but I think the last ads by Senator Brown and Elizabeth Warren capture some of the essence of the choice each represents.

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Candidates Continuously Court Cape Cod

Massachusetts politics descended upon Sandwich this weekend.  Again. We are used to it because we have the benefit of having competitive two party politics.  It is a battleground for both parties.  Since 2002 a Republican has held our state representative’s seat.  We have a Democratic state Senator (who also happens to be the Senate President) and between this cycle and the previous cycle, we’ve been front and center as a model for what two party politics might look like in the state.

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Color Cranberry Country Competitive

The natural beauty of Cape Cod is matched only by the expert pours of our local bartenders and our competitive politics.  And 2010 promises a good deal of competition.

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Sutter Loses

Sam Sutter’s race for the Democratic nomination in the 9th congressional district just hit a brick wall: Rob O’Leary is out of the race.

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The New MA-09: Notes from Cranberry Country

It’s not the foliage that looks a little bit more red this season.  The new congressional maps put out today create a new district on the South Coast, Cape and Islands-the very heart of Cranberry Country.  Democrat Bill Keating is moving into his home in Bourne and will contest the district, avoiding a divisive primary fight with Stephen Lynch in the new MA-08.  But will he encounter a few obstacles.

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Vibrant Local Party Organizations

An announcement in my local weekly brightened my day on Friday.  Both local parties here announced upcoming meetings.  Nor normally the kind of thing to cause excitement, but for fans of political parties it was heartening.

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The View from Cranberry Country

Scott Brown stopped by Sandwich the other day.  Just a week earlier I was driving to the Sagamore Bridge and I passed Tom Conroy walking Rt. 6A, the Old Kings Highway. 

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