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The View from the NEPSA Annual Meeting

This weekend, I will deliver my annual report on the state of Massachusetts politics to the New England Politics Roundtable at the New England Political Science Association’s annual meeting. For a comprehensive reconsideration of the state of Massachusetts politics last year at this time, you can (re)read my New England Journal of Political Science piece from last spring here.

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Oh, it’s on in the 9th! Or is it?

You might be forgiven for thinking the general election is well underway in the 9th District and Democratic incumbent Bill Keating is in trouble.

You’ve been misinformed.

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Gomez Still Not Ready for Primetime

Gabriel Gomez’s recent outburst at conservative activists included the following line: “[T]he level of ignorance and intolerance exhibited by them and their small ‘Klan’ are an embarrassment to our civil society.” Likening right wing activists to the KKK isn’t particularly radical, but Gomez later decided that an apology was in order. It was this apology that signaled Gomez’s lack of fitness for electoral politics.

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The Gabriel Gomez – Redmassgroup Conflict

The conflict between former Republican senate candidate Gabriel Gomez and redmassgroup blogger Rob Eno over the past several days illustrates problems faced by conservatives in Massachusetts: a thin bench that elevates low-quality candidates for statewide office, and an activist element that may ignite the passions of the faithful but sometimes offends those who are not in its tiny band of true believers.

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A Tale of Two Republicans: Charlie Baker and Gabriel Gomez

There goes that liberal Boston Globe again – giving over its op-ed space to Republicans Charlie Baker and Gabriel Gomez. Baker of course wishes to be elected governor, and many speculate that Gomez would like to go along with Baker as his hand-picked lieutenant governor candidate.  The op-eds provide further evidence that elevating Gomez is a bad idea. Baker is a serious and thoughtful candidate and Gomez well, to put it kindly, is not.

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Free Advice for Charlie Baker: Don’t Pick Gomez.

Having shook Charlie’s hand at the Big E last Saturday, I now feel obliged to offer the likely Republican nominee for governor some unsolicited advice. Pay no attention to recent reports of Gabriel Gomez’s “interest” in or “receptivity to” joining your team as the Lt. Governor nominee. Republicans win gubernatorial elections by convincing voters that the state needs a talented CEO to right a sinking ship, not by playing identity politics.

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Why voting present rankles

Ed Markey took a beating last week for not taking a position in committee.

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Markey v. Gomez: Welfare for Political Consultants

The Markey-Gomez race was NEVER in doubt, but don’t expect folks who make their living selling their services to candidates for office to admit that. This Politico article by a consultant who worked for Gabriel Gomez is a textbook example of “motivated reasoning.” The author confidently asserts, “Let’s be clear, this was a winnable race.”

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“Scott Brown Era” (January 19, 2010 – June 25, 2013)

Any questions?

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Markey vs. Gomez: Remember the Ladies and Remember the Checkbook

Years ago as a big boxing match approached I heard one of the managers in an interview say “Let’s reminisce about tomorrow night’s fight.” In that spirit, even though there is plenty of voting yet to be done in today’s contest between Republican Gabriel Gomez and Democrat Ed Markey, let’s reminisce about today’s election.

Regular readers of MPP will acknowledge that my colleague Professor Duquette has had this race figured from the beginning: a lot of media hype and framing about the race narrowing, dramatic debates, etc., but no real impact on the Democrats’ relentless advantage in the bluest state. Let me hit some different themes. First you may think you have a choice today but that choice was made for you long ago, by money. Second, we may have seen a parade of white males and one Hispanic male in this race, but as Abigail Adams wrote in 1776, “remember the ladies.”

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