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Politics in the Blogosphere, July 10, 2013 Edition


A few items worth reading from the political blogosphere: Juliette Kayyem should be Governor of Massachusetts! Does electing minority candidates matter? How much does Fox News help Republican candidates? And let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves with cheering for majority rule.

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Brown’s Debut as a Talking Head

Scott Brown’s decision to forgo a productive role in Massachusetts politics and to instead cash in the chips he earned during his 15 minutes of political fame was truly disappointing. He threw an already beleaguered Mass GOP under the bus and opted for the Sarah Palin plan. In his debut as a “Fox News Contributor” on “the Sean Hannity Show” Brown’s performance made clear why his new gig removes him from serious consideration for statewide elective office in 2014.

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Scott Brown has a choice to make

Will Scott Brown be content to pay his bills with a politically arranged corporate board gig while increasing his credibility in the state, or will he succumb to the temptations of fame, fortune, and Fox News?

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Mitt Faces the Admissions Committee

High school students go through a period of torment in the college application process as they fret over how the admissions committee sees their personal statement. Mitt Romney is going through a similar experience right now. And the early indications from Dean Rush Limbaugh and Dean Rupert Murdoch (two votes, one for Fox and one for the Wall Street Journal) suggest Romney may want to go looking for a safety school.

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The yeomen and the Tea Party

A while back I introduced the four cultural groups in Massachusetts politics written about by Edgar Litt in 1965 in The Political Cultures of Massachusetts: the patricians, workers, managers, and yeomen. I’d like to spend a little more time visiting with each group and suggest their relevance to modern day politics.

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