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Warren enters the fray in Lawrence

Happier times for the Mayor and the Senator

The professorial Senator has added a little brawl to the tough fight in Lawrence.

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The Myth of Martha Coakley’s Mistakes

If there is one unassailable bit of conventional wisdom among Democrats in this state it is that Martha Coakley blew the special senate election against Scott Brown in 2010 with her gaffe prone campaign. It is such a verity that the AG herself, campaigning for governor, goes about the state in sack cloth chanting mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. The only problem with that narrative is that it is wrong. Martha’s Mistakes didn’t matter.

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Whatever happened to politics stopping at the water’s edge?

The public statements by the members of our state’s congressional delegation on the situation in Syria and the President’s approach to it have so far been measured. The common denominator, according to Shira Schoenberg of the Springfield Republican, seems to be a focus on institutional prerogative and process, rather than substantive policy preferences. Members of the Massachusetts delegation believe that President Obama ought to consult with Congress on whatever action he takes in Syria, but (with the exception of Senator Markey) have not committed themselves on any particular policy option.

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“Scott Brown Era” (January 19, 2010 – June 25, 2013)

Any questions?

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Mitch McConnell tries to help Gomez

The Republican nominee for the US Senate seat vacated by John Kerry is really between a rock and a hard place. In order to attract moderate voters, Gabriel Gomez needs to put a lot of distance between himself and his party’s leaders in the US Senate. If Gomez’s campaign against Democrat Ed Markey is about improving the position of the Republican Party in the Senate, then the Republican nominee’s chances go from bad to worse.

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Cunningham’s Hierarchy of the Prosecutable

The psychologist Abraham Maslow wrote of the hierarchy of human needs and recently we have had pretty good indications of the hierarchy of the prosecutable in our system of justice. So let’s see who gets the time, and who gets to do the crime.

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Why No Elizabeth Warren in 2013?

Special election 2013 has produced about what you might expect for candidates: two congressmen, a former state representative/DA/U.S. Attorney, an ambitious state representative/former judge/gubernatorial aide/party activist, and a rich guy. The field is similar to what you might find in most open seat elections, including the 2010 special election. So why no Elizabeth Warren in 2013?

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Appointment Intrigue and Special Election Tedium

This should be an interesting day here in Massachusetts. Governor Deval Patrick will appoint an interim senator to serve in Secretary of State John Kerry’s seat until a special election is held in late June.

As I’ve written before I think it would be most interesting for the governor to appoint a new and fresh figure who at least cracks the mold somewhat. The appointee would get a political boost and perhaps bypass our sclerotic sort-of democracy in the commonwealth. Perhaps another woman, Hispanic or African-American candidate, someone associated with an important issue like gun control, or someone who has achieved at the highest levels in business or academia or the non-profit world. An ideas person. Someone like Elizabeth Warren, perhaps?

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Known-Unknowns in the Special Senate Election

Recently I’ve enjoyed writing about known-knowns and unknown-unknowns as they might influence the coming special senate election for John Kerry’s seat. Today I’m thinking about known-unknowns – the things we know we don’t know. I don’t guarantee any of these speculations will actually happen either; I’m a political scientist, not Jean Dixon.

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Unknown Unknowns in Massachusetts Elections

On Tuesday in Senate Special: Do We Know the Known-Knowns? I recounted how the Democrats had no candidate against the unbeatable Senator Scott Brown until the Republicans obliged by refusing to confirm Elizabeth Warren to head the Consumer Financial Protection Board. I called that act of political charity a “random act of kindness.” I purposely chose the word random.

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