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Some aren’t ready for Hillary

Professor O’Brien and Professor Ubertaccio are quoted in a piece by Scott Conroy in Real Clear Politics: Not Ready for Hillary: The Rationale for Elizabeth Warren

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Can Don Berwick Capture the Warren Wing?

The Atlantic’s Molly Ball wrote an interesting piece last week titled The Left’s Quiet Advance in Democratic Primaries. She was careful not to claim too much for the evidence she collected but still, progressives are cheering in several congressional districts across the country. The Warren Wave began right here in Massachusetts. Will Don Berwick seize the mantle?

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A hierarchy of Massachusetts political endorsements

Yesterday’s Globe offered a peak into the strategies employed by candidate Steve Grossman to obtain coveted political endorsements for his gubernatorial run.

But does it matter?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

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Another tactical mistake by Brown or ill-advised Sununu ad lib?

Has Scott Brown’s hired the same folks for his latest senate bid who counseled him to mock Elizabeth Warren at every opportunity by calling her “professor?” It sure looks that way.

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Congressional Report Cards Are Out!

An article in Monday’s Springfield Republican discussed the “2013 Report Cards” of the members of the Massachusetts congressional delegation. These annual assessments of the performance of every member of Congress are published by what the article calls a “non-profit government transparency organization.” The organization, Govtrack.us, keeps track of every piece of legislation introduced in Congress, as well as the activity of every member of Congress, and then crunches the numbers to determine who, in their estimation, deserves to go to the head of the class. Govtrack has produced a treasure trove of data, but are these “report cards” really measuring what they purport to be measuring? Are “good grades” on these report cards truly indicative of good performance in office; of doing well the job voters elected members to do?

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Brown uses a Warren line of attack

I’m less sure than my colleague Professor Duquette that former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown won’t become New Hampshire Senator Scott Brown.  Brown knows how to be in the right place at the right time (see January, 2010).  And he’s resurrecting an attack line from 2012. Elizabeth Warren’s line.

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Can Charlie Baker Tame the GOP Wild Boys?

As my colleague Professor Duquette argued yesterday the Republican Tea Party faction presents a challenge to the Charlie Baker-Karyn Polito ticket. That is the sort of political conundrum good pols solve.  A more portentous problem for the campaign may be, can the uber-manager tame the Wild Boys of the GOP whose excesses have driven recent Republican campaigns off message? Let’s recount a few of those episodes.

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Media Speculation about Warren and Brown

Scott Brown’s prospects for a return to the Senate from New Hampshire and Elizabeth Warren’s potential as a 2016 Democratic contender for the White House have become popular subjects of media speculation lately. Considering how much time and energy we here at Masspoliticsprofs gave to the 2012 epic battle between these two, I thought it appropriate to weigh in.

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Warren enters the fray in Lawrence

Happier times for the Mayor and the Senator

The professorial Senator has added a little brawl to the tough fight in Lawrence.

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The Myth of Martha Coakley’s Mistakes

If there is one unassailable bit of conventional wisdom among Democrats in this state it is that Martha Coakley blew the special senate election against Scott Brown in 2010 with her gaffe prone campaign. It is such a verity that the AG herself, campaigning for governor, goes about the state in sack cloth chanting mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. The only problem with that narrative is that it is wrong. Martha’s Mistakes didn’t matter.

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