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The View from the NEPSA Annual Meeting

This weekend, I will deliver my annual report on the state of Massachusetts politics to the New England Politics Roundtable at the New England Political Science Association’s annual meeting. For a comprehensive reconsideration of the state of Massachusetts politics last year at this time, you can (re)read my New England Journal of Political Science piece from last spring here.

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The race to succeed Markey

The special election in the 5th congressional district continues to get overshadowed by events in Boston though the candidates did appear together last night on NECN. But now that the primary election’s finish line is in plain view, the race appears to be ending as it began: too close to call.

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Radio Talker Michael Graham Loves Me!

My recent post, in which I outlined a couple of rationales for Ed Markey’s now infamous “present vote,” woke up an audience that I have not heretofore had much opportunity to address; the “talk radio” crowd. Right wing talker Michael Graham featured (his version) of my thoughts on his midday program last Friday.

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Why voting present rankles

Ed Markey took a beating last week for not taking a position in committee.

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Whatever happened to politics stopping at the water’s edge?

The public statements by the members of our state’s congressional delegation on the situation in Syria and the President’s approach to it have so far been measured. The common denominator, according to Shira Schoenberg of the Springfield Republican, seems to be a focus on institutional prerogative and process, rather than substantive policy preferences. Members of the Massachusetts delegation believe that President Obama ought to consult with Congress on whatever action he takes in Syria, but (with the exception of Senator Markey) have not committed themselves on any particular policy option.

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Media Reported Polling Data and Scott Brown’s Prospects

Okay, let me nip something in the bud. Scott Brown is very very unlikely to be a candidate for US Senate (in Massachusetts at least) in 2014; but if he were to run, no matter what he does or says between now and then AND no matter what public opinion poll numbers being touted in the media say about Brown’s personal popularity or hypothetical position in a race with Ed Markey, he would lose.

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Markey v. Gomez: Welfare for Political Consultants

The Markey-Gomez race was NEVER in doubt, but don’t expect folks who make their living selling their services to candidates for office to admit that. This Politico article by a consultant who worked for Gabriel Gomez is a textbook example of “motivated reasoning.” The author confidently asserts, “Let’s be clear, this was a winnable race.”

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“Scott Brown Era” (January 19, 2010 – June 25, 2013)

Any questions?

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Markey vs. Gomez: Remember the Ladies and Remember the Checkbook

Years ago as a big boxing match approached I heard one of the managers in an interview say “Let’s reminisce about tomorrow night’s fight.” In that spirit, even though there is plenty of voting yet to be done in today’s contest between Republican Gabriel Gomez and Democrat Ed Markey, let’s reminisce about today’s election.

Regular readers of MPP will acknowledge that my colleague Professor Duquette has had this race figured from the beginning: a lot of media hype and framing about the race narrowing, dramatic debates, etc., but no real impact on the Democrats’ relentless advantage in the bluest state. Let me hit some different themes. First you may think you have a choice today but that choice was made for you long ago, by money. Second, we may have seen a parade of white males and one Hispanic male in this race, but as Abigail Adams wrote in 1776, “remember the ladies.”

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Longevity in politics rarely an issue in Massachusetts

Speaker John McCormack

It has been a very long time.

As has now been repeated ad nauseum, Congressman Ed Markey has represented his district in Washington for 37 years.

His Republican challenger repeatedly claims it has been 37 years of failure.  Gabriel Gomez goes on to say that he only needs 17 months to make a difference and stand again before the voters for judgment.

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