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Charlie Baker’s Party Problems

The presumptive 2014 Republican nominee for Governor, Charlie Baker, will have to campaign hard to win in November simply because the state of affairs in the Bay State is pretty good and the outgoing Democratic governor, despite concerted efforts by rightwing pols and pundits, will exit the stage to general applause. Unfortunately for Baker he has the additional burden of his political party’s very unpopular brand in Massachusetts.

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Chris Christie: Hold the Noose

According to the Boston Herald it is all but official in pundit land: Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, once a front runner for the Republican nomination for president in 2016, is deader than Kelsey’s nuts.

I’m not volunteering to march over the George Washington Bridge wearing a “Justice for Chris Christie” sandwich board just yet but I do think this is another case of the punditry declaring an eternal truth before examining the evidence.

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Why Don’t We See More Bipartisanship?

Some of us look back through our gauzy memories and remember President Ronald Reagan and Speaker Tip O’Neill working together to solve the nation’s challenges. As Nina Totenberg on NPR reminded us today, they were fierce partisans with differing views of the role of government. But Totenberg says, they each had respect for the co-equal branch and institutional place of the other. That seems lacking today.

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Obama-Romney round one

The American electorate has been broken down by percentages over the past year in a variety of ways: from the 99% refrain of the Occupiers to the 47% Mitt Romney knows he can’t win.  Tonight’s debate speaks to that increasingly small percentage of Americans who have yet to make up their minds.

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Weekly news roundup

The following has no political science substance to it so if Professors Duquette and Ubertaccio suspend or fine me for straying from the mission of MPP I will understand. But the news has just been too bizarre recently for me. So here goes on topics such as Herman Cain’s economic adviser, the Bum of the Month Club, corporate chieftains peeing into a cup, the contribution of booze to economic development, and of course, the Red Sox.

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