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Residency rules, democratic life, rule of law

The debate over residency requirements for municipal employees in Boston has heated up in response to Mayor Marty Walsh’s suggestion to relax the rule and a Boston Globe report showing how often the rule is flouted. The deeper debate is an old one, raising issues of both democratic society and the rule of law.

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Menino’s absence at today’s inauguration

Inaugural events are bigger than the people taking an oath of office.  That’s why Mayor Menino should be at the Conte Forum today.

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Boston’s Self-Image Fails to Connect-the-Dots in Our Culture of Violence Against Women

Jennifer Martel.  Amy Lord.  Stabbings in Southie.  Kidnapping and subsequent rape of a woman picked up from unlicensed cab in Seaport district (along with a highly suspect delay by police in making this information public).  Every single one of these crimes is horrific and emblematic of a culture of violence against women in Boston. 

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For Beloved Boston and Our Marathon

This is no day for the trivialities of politics that seem so important to us on other days. Like many Bostonians I’ve always loved the Boston Marathon, hearing stories of how my Great Uncle Albert ran it in the teens (yes, one hundred years ago) and then watching it with him as a child when he was a BAA official. The Marathon has provided many wonderful moments from the great winners like my favorites Bill Rodgers and Joan Benoit Samuelson to the inspirational everyman and woman that come in several hours after the elite runners. My wife and I and the kids were watching from Beacon and Carleton in Brookline when the kids tired and we headed a home. On the way we heard what we now know were the two blasts, then sirens screaming toward the site. I’ve had so many great Boston Marathon moments and now this is the one my kids will remember. Horrible.

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Boston: A City Divided by Class?

Thanks to my pal Jonathon Ginsberg for this demographic representation of class in Boston, courtesy of The Atlantic Cities. It is titled “Class Divided Cities: Boston Edition.” Here is what Boston looks like: bostoncityWEB

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Menino and his city

Given his health issues, we might have expected to see a frail man take the podium last night in Faneuil Hall to prepare for his life beyond City Hall.  Instead, the longest-serving Mayor in Boston’s history laid out an aggressive agenda.

He looked great and sounded like a man fully intending on an additional term in office.

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