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The Boston Herald: The “Stupid Party” Newspaper

No one will mistake the Boston Herald for a credible news organization anytime soon, but since somebody must be buying it for it to still be in business, it’s probably important to highlight the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of its columnists every now and then.

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Boston Herald Shows What Matters, What Doesn’t

As I wrote on Tuesday there were business reasons for the Boston Herald to run a horse race poll this week but not real political reasons (though I would slightly amend that because the results showing mounting opposition to casinos were interesting). Nonetheless the debate among the five Democratic candidates hosted by the Herald was useful at illuminating what counts and what doesn’t at this stage of the nomination process.

Things that don’t count: polls, debates, and the Herald’s overheated commentary.

What does count: playing by the rules, positioning, organization, fund raising, endorsements.

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The Mass GOP is a Good Role Model for the RNC

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has come to Boston to do some soul searching. Professor Ubertaccio rightly corrected the Boston Herald’s claim that visiting Republicans will not have many chances to visit “monuments or historical places dedicated to Republicans” during their stay in the Commonwealth. Had the Herald editors written that the visiting Republicans would not have many chances to see monuments and historical places dedicated to those they consider bone fide “conservatives,” I think they would have been more on target.

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“Cooked” election calls and bad advice

Boston Herald columnist and “Republican Strategist” Holly Robichaud has some advice for Gabriel Gomez. Unfortunately for Gomez, her advice is comically stupid.

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Political Idiocy in the Twitterverse

We MassPoliticalProfs tweet our blog posts on Twitter and look to the site for political goings-on.  It’s often productive, we have some good exchanges with smart and passionate political partisans, we learn things from journalists, and it’s fun. Sometimes though the sheer idiocy displayed on Twitter is mind-boggling; Wednesday was one of those days.

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Some Advice for the Herald from Thomas Jefferson

In 1807 Thomas Jefferson wrote to a friend who asked his opinion of newspapers and answered: “I will add, that the man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them; inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods & errors.”

I thought of Jefferson’s words yesterday upon reading a column by Joe Battenfeld in the Boston Herald. According to Battenfeld, Ed Markey Needs to Step Up His Game . . . or Else.

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Sympathy for the Herald

You have to have some sympathy for the state’s politically conservative newspaper, the Boston Herald. Keeping up the spirits of its readership is tough. Today’s Front page story (which is actually an op-ed) is illustrative. It reports that Massachusetts Dems are fearful of Scott Brown as a potential candidate for John Kerry’s seat, but are even “more” afraid of Brown as as gubernatorial candidate in 2014.

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Pre-Debate Poll Cascade

I like to scan polls for information that is given inadequate attention in the media but with five polls out in a week I’m staying busy. A few thoughts on the three polls out since my Tuesday post: WBUR/MassInc Polling Group, Suffolk/7News, and UMass Lowell/Boston Herald. The first two show Warren ahead, the Herald has Brown in the lead; in all cases there is little space between the candidates.

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Wow! George Will has gone off the reservation this time.

The intellectual rigor and integrity of George Will columns have deteriorated in the last few years, but his latest effort to “analyse” the Brown-Warren Senate race (“Diversity deceit may do in Warren” published in the Boston Herald) is such transparently partisan nonsense that I am sure he will look back on it with fright, and soon.

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Democratic senate debate

Nothing happened, right on schedule. So much for the Democratic debate for the U.S. Senate seat, sponsored by the Boston Herald and UMass Lowell.

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