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Should Coakley Cancel Her Globe Subscription?

This could be the week that Martha Coakley cancels her subscription to the Boston Globe.

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The 15% Rule and Vibrant Political Parties

In today’s Boston Globe Professor Ubertaccio and Professor Cunningham publish an op-ed arguing that the 15-percent rule at party caucuses contributes to democracy. The profs bolster their conclusion with four reasons that the caucuses serve the Massachusetts political system well — and unlike Rick Perry, they even remember all the reasons. Click on the link and read the Globe op-ed piece.

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Gomez Still Not Ready for Primetime

Gabriel Gomez’s recent outburst at conservative activists included the following line: “[T]he level of ignorance and intolerance exhibited by them and their small ‘Klan’ are an embarrassment to our civil society.” Likening right wing activists to the KKK isn’t particularly radical, but Gomez later decided that an apology was in order. It was this apology that signaled Gomez’s lack of fitness for electoral politics.

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Boston Globe: Unfair to Labor?

When I posted Marty Walsh and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Unions the other day I left the impression that the media had cast labor as a baleful presence dragging down the Boston mayoral candidacy of Marty Walsh against John Connolly. Since then I’ve had the chance to review a month’s worth of stories having to do with the candidates, labor, and fund-raising in the Boston Globe. So is the city’s indispensable media institution unfair to labor?

Yes. Sort of.

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From the Archive: How Did Jacoby’s Sunday Column Get into Print?

Shhhh, don’t tell Professors Duquette and Ubertaccio, but I’m away for end of summer. but I’ve left behind a few of my favorite columns, especially about transitional assistance fraud. Actually I think the fraud is in the prominence it has been given by some politicians and media. So read on.

How Did Jacoby’s Sunday Column Get into Print?

As someone who loves newspapers I grieve over the economic stress that has led to closings and layoffs. I can only suppose that such pressures have decimated the editorial staff of the Boston Globe, or they never would have allowed Sunday’s Jeff Jacoby column concerning welfare to slip past.

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ProfessorU writes a letter to the editor

In response to the Globe’s series, Broken City, Professor Ubertaccio wrote the following letter to the editor that was published on Sunday:

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Jeff Jacoby is an Embarrassment

Jacoby, a conservative Boston Globe columnist, has once again shown himself to be a mindless right wing apologist. Last week, he argued that liberals were “idiots” for liking Hugo Chavez. Today, he argues that the Iraq War was essentially worthwhile.

This guy is starting to make Howie Carr look thoughtful. Stay tuned. After the revelations about Nixon that surfaced last week Jacoby is no doubt working on a column praising Tricky Dick’s integrity.

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The “Slow Learners” List is Growing.

I’m going to have to add Globe correspondent Tom Keane to my “slow Learners” list.

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Political Science Explains the News

Recent news stories remind me how much political science can add to understanding (or prevent misunderstanding) of what goes on in politics. So here goes:

Sorry Tagg Romney, your dad Mitt Romney wasn’t going to be president even if his advertisements showed how cuddly he is. Kevin Cullen of the Boston Globe, cheap shot at elected officials the other day – but political science can show you a way to give them proper credit while still suspecting their motives. And the NRA channels a long gone political scientist’s wisdom.

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Political Media: Reader Beware

We can learn a lot about politics from news stories and commentary but we can also be misled at times by poor framing and illogical arguments. There are a couple of good examples from recent pieces on the Scott Brown vs. Elizabeth Warren senate race.

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