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No Thinking Alllowed, Senator Brownsberger

Senator Will Brownsberger’s campaign for Congress is off to a peculiar start – he is showing evidence of thinking. This is abnormal behavior in a political campaign, where sound bites and strict adherence to interest group orthodoxies are the dominant forms of communication.

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The Power of Bluemassgroup

In the past decade scholars have begun to study the influence of political blogs on many fronts including the mainstream media. In that vein score one today for Bluemassgroup. A reader post by johnk Wednesday on BMG titled Disgusting Robo Call by “the 99 percent” appears to have played an important role in Stephanie Ebbert’s Boston Globe story today titled Treasurer of PAC led by ironworkers union halts pro-Lynch robocalls that evoke bombings. It also may have helped lead the Lynch campaign to denounce the robocalls, which in turn lead the PAC to pull the robocalls. Not a bad day’s work, BMG.

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Politics in the Blogosphere

Some good links to topics of interest in the political world:

Bluemassgroup’s David Kravitz has a reality based post The grassroots are withering on the problems at the Republican State Committee. You would have to say that after Kirsten Hughes won election to the GOP’s chair on Thursday evening thanks to Scott Brown’s intervention that his Friday announcement made Ms. Hughes first day on the job a memorable one indeed.  It may be hard to believe that the GOP could sink lower than Bob (Mr. Magoo) Maginn left it, but Mr. Kravitz explains how that is possible.

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Redmassgroup and the “race hustling industry”

So yesterday after posting a potpourri of political thoughts I came across a blogpost at Redmassgroup titled Five Things You Should Know Today, July 12, 2012. The first item noted that Gov. Deval Patrick had traveled to Chicago for Jesse Jackson’s annual conference and began in this manner: “Leave now (sic) mistake about it, Deval Patrick knows where his post gubernatorial bread is buttered. That’s in the race hustling industry.” The first comment under the post reads thus: “Deval has always been a workhorse for the race pimps…”

When I spotted this I tucked it on to the end of my Thursday posting Political Odds and Ends with the comment “Wow.”

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BMG takedown of Perry on Galileo

I thought this one was pretty good from bluemassgroup.com, on Rick Perry defending his anti-scientific views on climate change in last night’s debate.


Another notable issue is how many jobs Romney and Perry “created” while governor. It is a bit more complicated than that. That is worthy of extended discussion but not for today.

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