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Who benefits by serial allegations of corruption? The US Attorney’s Office

If federal prosecutors hoped the trial of John O’Brien might have focused our collective attention on the sins of political patronage, they seem to have failed.  It’s the power of the US Attorney’s office that increasingly draws scrutiny.  And not for the first time.

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What Did Charlie Baker Know and When Did He Know It?

The outcome of the Massachusetts Republican Convention leads to one very important question:

What did Charlie Baker know, and when did he know it?

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Would a primary against Fisher help Charlie Baker?

Former Governor Bill Weld, who is now serving as an advisor to Charlie Baker’s campaign for the corner office, thinks that a primary contest with ultra-conservative candidate Mark Fisher would improve the Republican nominee’s chances of winning in the fall. The idea is that Baker would benefit from the comparison between his moderate managerial competence approach and Fisher’s rigid ideological extremism. Is Weld right about this? If he is right, should he counsel his gubernatorial mentee to publicly urge the MassGOP to allow Mr. Fisher’s name to appear on the primary ballot?

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Markey generates excitement by proxy while Gomez gets little help from his friends.

Ed Markey has never been known as a charismatic, smooth talking, crowd pleaser. In his ongoing campaign for the US Senate, he has made no effort to persuade voters that he is.

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The Mass GOP Bench

imageThe news that Susan Rice will not be the next Secretary of State has reignited speculation that we will have another US Senate special election. We have already chronicled Some of Scott Brown’s obstacles to winning another special election. The state’s bench on the GOP side, which is deep enough to throw a primary fight in Brown’s path, is another one.

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The Governor Party – Managers I

My recent post Urbans and Suburbans in State Government engendered some good discussion on these pages and got picked up over at linkedin.com by the Government Relations and Public Policy Professionals of Massachusetts, or GovProsMass for short (join them at linkedin if you are in the field). Several of the GovProsMass who responded disagreed with me but it was a good discussion with knowledgeable people. That prompted me to go back to the work I’ve been doing on Edgar Litt’s The Political Cultures of Massachusetts, this time on Litt’s managers. Or as I identified them in the Urbans and Suburbans post, the Governor Party. To be governor you must be a manager.

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