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Why Question #3 Will Not Pass

Go HERE to read this post at WGBHNews.org

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Our primary colors are bland

What happens if you throw a primary election and no one shows up? Massachusetts seems to be determined to answer that question in relative short order.

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A historic ticket is possible on Tuesday

Massachusetts may hit a historical milestone after the balloting on Tuesday. Since 1970, 16 different women have been nominated for various statewide offices by the two main political parties.

This current cycle might feature six, two Republican and four Democrats.

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The GOP fields its team

Charlie Baker has made his choice in Karyn Polito.  Jim Hand in today’s Attleboro Sun Chronicle has a piece on the history of GOP gubernatorial candidates choosing a running mate.  It’s an interesting modern development that hasn’t caught on with Democrats and Baker has chosen wisely. 

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Media Speculation about Warren and Brown

Scott Brown’s prospects for a return to the Senate from New Hampshire and Elizabeth Warren’s potential as a 2016 Democratic contender for the White House have become popular subjects of media speculation lately. Considering how much time and energy we here at Masspoliticsprofs gave to the 2012 epic battle between these two, I thought it appropriate to weigh in.

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Media Reported Polling Data and Scott Brown’s Prospects

Okay, let me nip something in the bud. Scott Brown is very very unlikely to be a candidate for US Senate (in Massachusetts at least) in 2014; but if he were to run, no matter what he does or says between now and then AND no matter what public opinion poll numbers being touted in the media say about Brown’s personal popularity or hypothetical position in a race with Ed Markey, he would lose.

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Clearly, Patrick has no plans to run for anything in 2014 or 2016

Governor Deval Patrick’s proposals on taxes are bold and are bound to be quite unpopular. They are also a pretty clear signal that the governor’s immediate post-governorship plans do not include a run for higher office.

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Unsolicited Advice for Senator Brown

If Scott Brown asked my advice about how he should proceed with his political career I would start by giving him a brief primer on the present dynamics of federal elections in Massachusetts, the bottom line of which would be that his short term electoral prospects have very little to do with who he is, or what he says or does.

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Curse of the AG’s office

Last spring, I noted that it’s not easy being Attorney General, particularly if you are interested in moving on to higher office.  Can Martha Coakley beat the curse of the AG?

If you put that question to a jury, I suspect they’d deadlock.

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Salem is More than Witches. Is It a Launching Pad?

History, literature, and popular culture have forever linked the City of Salem with witches. But anyone walking through the Salem, spending time in its famous port, and taking in its vibrant cultural institutions, knows that there is much more to contemporary Salem.  And it is everything else beyond the witch trials that might provide an important boost for its Mayor, Kim Driscoll, as she contemplates higher office.

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