Berwick’s staff shakeup is not surprising.

The decision of Don Berwick’s campaign manager to leave the campaign may well be simply a case of Luke Quandt taking a career opportunity when it presented itself. His decision to take a job with a Democratic consulting firm could have been a time sensitive offer he couldn’t refuse. However, if he were the campaign manager for a candidate with a realistic shot at the Democratic nomination for governor, such an offer would surely not have been too good to pass up. Continue reading

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Immigrants: The Stranger Who Resides with You

I suppose that the immigration issue will come up this year and as Prof. Duquette noted recently, the Boston Herald’s Joe Battenfeld has already encouraged the Republican Party to exploit the issue of driver’s licenses for unauthorized immigrants in Massachusetts. Prof. Duquette’s much wiser advice is to leave the issue alone. Some recent news from the Pew Center for Religion and Public Life supports my colleague’s counsel.

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The Mass. GOP’s 15% Conundrum: Let’s Be “Reasonable”

The Massachusetts Republican Party has obtained a legal opinion (posted at redmassgroup) from Attorney Michael T. Morley addressed to GOP chair Kirsten Hughes. Attorney Morley opines that the State Committee cannot change the convention outcome to allow Mark Fisher onto the primary ballot.

Case closed? Not so fast.

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Is there a GOP wave coming?

Is the Massachusetts Republican party on the cusp of an enormous victory in November?  Continue reading

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Charlie Baker’s Endorsement Speech

Did I mention last week that Charlie Baker got the endorsement of the Republican Party for governor? He did, and his acceptance speech provides a sense of what he thinks is important in 2014. Continue reading

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What Did Charlie Baker Know and When Did He Know It?

The outcome of the Massachusetts Republican Convention leads to one very important question:

What did Charlie Baker know, and when did he know it? Continue reading

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Would a primary against Fisher help Charlie Baker?

Former Governor Bill Weld, who is now serving as an advisor to Charlie Baker’s campaign for the corner office, thinks that a primary contest with ultra-conservative candidate Mark Fisher would improve the Republican nominee’s chances of winning in the fall. The idea is that Baker would benefit from the comparison between his moderate managerial competence approach and Fisher’s rigid ideological extremism. Is Weld right about this? If he is right, should he counsel his gubernatorial mentee to publicly urge the MassGOP to allow Mr. Fisher’s name to appear on the primary ballot? Continue reading

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Present = Blank = Abstain

I understand that in the controversy over whether Mark Fisher got his 15% the Massachusetts Republican Party is contending that in fact the tally did not include “blank” votes but “present” votes. I followed up on the “present” issue earlier today. Since then a commenter named Anthony has written in to say that I misunderstood the rules governing a roll call vote. For those of you who love the cliffhanger of a good parliamentary rules scrubbing, I copy my answer below.

So, is a present equal to a blank or an abstention, and thus not counted in the vote total? Continue reading

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GOP Convention Voters: Present and Unaccounted For, Sir!

I’ve just gotten around to reading the Boston Globe’s editorial In GOP convention dispute, democracy draws a blank about the furor about whether or not Mark Fisher got the 15% of the vote needed at the Republican convention to assure him a ballot spot on the September primary.

I’m more confused than ever by the factual clarifications offered by the party. Continue reading

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The GOP convention shouldn’t have ended in confusion.

The Republicans could have used their own nominee for State Auditor to help them count their votes at Saturday’s convention. Continue reading

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