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The view from Cape Cod

For those of us who live on the Cape, the summer brings the usual assortment of pleasures: sun, sandy beaches, chilled gin, clam shacks, and a competitive electoral climate so lacking elsewhere in the Commonwealth.  We’ve been here before.  It’s good to be a politically active Cape Codder.

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The demagogues among us

There’s nothing like the fear of the other to bring the demagogues in our midst out into the open.

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Don’t further the ugly

The plight of migrant children and the role of the Commonwealth in offering them shelter is going to produce many reactions.  There are those grounded in reality (cost, duration, locations best suited for the situation, etc) and then there are others.

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“New Cape, Olde Cape”: Barnstable 1’s State Representative Race

This time last year, we were knee deep in the first open-seat Boston mayoral race in some twenty years. One of the common themes of the race was differentiating the relative influence of “New Boston” and “Old Boston.” As WGBH’s Callie Crossley and others describe the dichotomy, New Boston is more racially diverse and younger while old Boston conjures forth the machine style politics of older, predominantly white male ethnics. Given the racial and age diversity in the 2013 mayoral race (but not so much gender …an Old Boston theme sadly transcendent), some key questions became: Would “New Boston” turnout? Who would they turnout for? Was “Old Boston” willing to vote for younger and more diverse candidates?

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Balance in the field to replace Therese Murray

Today’s Cape Cod Times noted the imminent retirement of Senate President Therese Murray and listed two of the leading candidates for her seat, Plymouth state representative Vinnie deMacedo and former Falmouth state representative Matt Patrick.

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Oh, it’s on in the 9th! Or is it?

You might be forgiven for thinking the general election is well underway in the 9th District and Democratic incumbent Bill Keating is in trouble.

You’ve been misinformed.

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There must be something in the cranberries

Cranberries are known for their antioxidents power. Our Cape Cod legislative delegation must be having more than a small glass of the stuff each morning.

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Harnessing private interest

I zipped in and out of the Sandwich transfer station this weekend with more recycling than rubbish.   Ten  years ago, I would have waited in a line of cars stretching onto Rt. 130 waiting to unload more rubbish than recycling.  There’s a lesson here that can inform the debate over landfills and the cost of trash disposal, noted in an end of the year Globe article by Beth Daley.

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Candidates Continuously Court Cape Cod

Massachusetts politics descended upon Sandwich this weekend.  Again. We are used to it because we have the benefit of having competitive two party politics.  It is a battleground for both parties.  Since 2002 a Republican has held our state representative’s seat.  We have a Democratic state Senator (who also happens to be the Senate President) and between this cycle and the previous cycle, we’ve been front and center as a model for what two party politics might look like in the state.

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Color Cranberry Country Competitive

The natural beauty of Cape Cod is matched only by the expert pours of our local bartenders and our competitive politics.  And 2010 promises a good deal of competition.

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