Brown uses a Warren line of attack

I’m less sure than my colleague Professor Duquette that former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown won’t become New Hampshire Senator Scott Brown.  Brown knows how to be in the right place at the right time (see January, 2010).  And he’s resurrecting an attack line from 2012. Elizabeth Warren’s line.

During her successful run for the Senate, Elizabeth Warren often noted that Scott Brown was right on some votes.  But, speaking specifically about women’s issues, she declared that “Women need someone they can depend on, not some of the time but all of the time.”

It was a good line, so good that Brown has decided to use a variant of it.

His “debut” to New Hampshire came last night at a Republican holiday event in Nashua.  There Brown said that “People in New Hampshire need someone that’s going to
 vote with them all the time, not some of the time.”

Brown isn’t the first Massachusetts Republican to depart to another state to make a go of it politically.  Bill Weld decamped to New York and made a run for Governor in 2006, failing to secure the endorsement of the NY Republican Convention before withdrawing from the race.   Others just left for a different climate: Ed Brooke stayed in Washington after his 1978 defeat and lived in Virginia while Democrat turned Republican Ed King spent most of his later years in Florida.  Mitt Romney sold his Belmont home and has a spacious home in California and a lake house in New Hampshire, though he does keep a townhouse in his former home town.

But Brown may be more likely than Weld to turn his political exile into good fortune.  He remains affable, has wide name recognition, and can raise the money necessary to compete.

And he knows a good line of attack when he hears it.

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