Lynch Goes After the Party Central Committee

Congressman Lynch, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

In the Boston Herald today Congressman Stephen Lynch takes a solid whack at the Party Central Committee – excuse me, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee – for showering Congressman Ed Markey with money while blocking contributions to Lynch. Here’s a sample:

“They haven’t been fair,” Lynch said of the national Democrats who he says have funneled donations and some union support Markey’s way. “No they haven’t been fair. I think they’ve done their best to discourage people from sending me contributions from Washington. They’ve basically said Markey’s our guy, don’t give to Lynch.

. . .

“It’s considerable. It’s tough when the party’s against you. The Senate Democratic committee has $40 million in their SuperPac,” he said.

I took up this theme back when Lynch was considering getting into the race in a January 29 post, Will Steve Lynch Buck the Party Central Committee? Here is part of what I wrote:

The Malden Democrat is near to clearing the field with a little help from his friends in the Democratic establishment, most especially the party check writers, aka the Central Committee of the Democratic Party – excuse me, I meant the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Diddy was right –“It’s all about the Benjamins” – and damn this thing we call our sort-of democracy in Massachusetts.

Now where would the Party Central Committee – excuse me, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee – lay its hands on that sort of money? Just head over to the Center for Responsive Politics website to find out. In 2012 the Party Central Committee raised about $145,000,000, and its top giving sectors were Ideology/Single Issue Groups, Lawyers/Lobbyists, and Finance/Insurance/Real Estate. Wall St. was mad at Obama in 2012 but in 2010 the leading sector was Finance/Insurance, Real Estate, then Lawyers/Lobbyists, then Ideology/Single Issue Groups. In 2008 Wall Street was really happy with the Democrats — $28.5 million to the Party Central Committee alone.

I haven’t seen every debate so far. Has anyone asked a “money in politics” question yet?

Money in politics is also at the heart of my earlier post today, Which Party Serves We, the People? Happy reading.


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