Who’s Gaffe is it? Markey’s or the Media’s?

Was Ed Markey’s comparison of the Dred Scott decision to the Citizens United decision a “gaffe?” Are we in for another US Senate election where the press, pundits, and political wise men desperately try to convince us that “little things mean a lot?”

For the record, I’m with David Weigel, who called this non-story and non-factor “a stupid, pack-journalism search for a scandal that simply isn’t there.” I realize that bigger picture partisan considerations will be less important in the Markey-Lynch primary race (though not irrelevant), but could we please not pretend that the Democratic primary electorate is a pack of reality TV obsessed morons.

There is plenty of policy disagreement between these candidates to be analyzed and discussed. How about we concentrate on election coverage that will matter to the folks that will actually show up at the polls?

On a not unrelated note, Gallup says that Massachusetts is presently the most liberal state in the country.

About Jerold Duquette

Jerold Duquette is an associate professor of political science at Central Connecticut State University. He is the author of Regulating the National Pastime: Baseball and Antitrust and has published articles and book chapters on campaign finance reform, political parties, Massachusetts politics and political culture, public opinion, and political socialization. Professor Duquette lives in Longmeadow, MA with his wife and four children.
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