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ProfessorU at HuffPost

The Most Important Person for Democrats in Massachusetts

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Health Care Flip-Flops (post decision addendum)

How did the individual mandate, a Republican Party idea, come to gain near universal opposition by Republicans as unconstitutional? That is the question asked by Ezra Klein in Unpopular Mandate in the June 25 New Yorker. Klein’s answer relies on social science research and is fascinating.

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Durham said no

I am not overly concerned with the cost of presidential elections given the comparative amounts we spend on things like pet food, Easter candy, and video games in any given year.  But cash strapped cities and towns have to bear some of the burden of paying for security for campaign events and that’s a problem.

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Political Science and Predictions

In a New York Times op-ed on Sunday titled Political Scientists Are Lousy Forecasters political scientist Jacqueline Stevens went after colleagues who defend National Science Foundation grants that support quantitative research. It’s created quite a firestorm in our profession.

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Memo to Mass GOP: Quite Acting Like a Majority Party with Nothing to Lose

There are times when it might just be a really good strategy for the Massachusetts Republican Party to remember that they are one step removed from being totally insignificant here.  Acting like a hegemonic power is foolish.

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The Karma of Dirty Politics

The “news” that Scott Brown imagines himself a frequent secret counselor to “kings and Queens” looks like a vivid example of political karma, but does it honestly reveal anything troubling about Senator Brown?

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Kings & Queens in the Massachusetts Senate race

Professor Ubertaccio on NECN’s Morning Show discussing the latest issues in the Massachusetts Senate race.

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Who will blink first?

Republican Scott Brown and his Democratic opponent, Elizabeth Warren, are pioneers in the post Citizens United political world. These two candidates for US Senate in Massachusetts have agreed to discourage outside group spending in their race. The impact of this noble truce is something worth studying carefully.

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Deval Patrick, Puritan Conservative

For a fellow raised in Chicago Deval Patrick sure understands us here in Massachusetts: we’re Puritans, and he’s our John Winthrop.

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Enter Rob Portman

John McCain’s risky pick of Sarah Palin and the sideshow aftermath of that choice in 2008 should lead the Romney campaign to choose the anti-Palin in 2012.

There isn’t a better choice than Ohio Senator Rob Portman.

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