Prof. Cunningham in The Daily Beast

Professor Cunningham in The Daily Beast today on the Scott Brown campaign hitting on the Elizabeth Warren as Cherokee (non)issue:

“They’ve kind of looked for these rather trivial issues, and I think they’ve hit on this one,” said Cunningham. “It’s a little bit like a Mel Brooks film. You keep telling bad jokes until you find one that people really laugh at.”

About Maurice T. Cunningham

Maurice T. Cunningham is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Massachusetts at Boston. He teaches courses in American government including Massachusetts Politics, The American Presidency, Catholics in Political Life, The Political Thought of Abraham Lincoln, American Political Thought, and Public Policy. His book Maximization, Whatever the Cost: Race, Redistricting and the Department of Justice examines the role of the DOJ in requiring states to maximize minority voting districts in the Nineties. He has published articles dealing with the role of the Catholic Church in Massachusetts politics and on party politics in the state. His research interests focus upon the changing political culture of Massachusetts.
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2 Responses to Prof. Cunningham in The Daily Beast

  1. Political Guy says:

    I disagree that this is a non-issue. I am a pretty liberal D and I think her answer and Harvard’s answer is nowhere near sufficient. Also in the inner city and the minority community this has not played well at all. A woman who looks like EW trying to pass off as a minority is one that will not be lost on many voters. And in my opinion; it was those voters who stayed home and were not energized in the least by Shannon O’Brien and Martha Coakley…

    EW campaign needs a better answer then the quotes of people saying it is a non-issue and something trumped up by Brown. Lets start with; why did you claim to be a minority? Do you still consider yourself a racial minority?

    • Maurice T. Cunningham says:


      I’ll have more to say on it tomorrow, with another take that brings its potency more into light, at least to me. Perhaps you are right. I do think the inability to answer it in a credible manner has hurt.


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