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Brown’s “Swift Canoers”

This morning when I read about the “Cherokee Group” started by an amateur Cherokee genealogist in Missouri that has created a web site called “Cherokees Demand truth from Elizabeth Warren” I laughed out loud and checked the masthead of my paper to see if I was reading “The Onion.”

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Issues? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Issues!

What is the most important issue in the Scott Brown vs. Elizabeth Warren race? Who knows – polls have not been asking voters to rank the issues they consider most important. I suspect it is economy and jobs but we’ve been more focused upon contraceptives and ancestry.

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The American Dream Under Attack

Are Americans facing a crisis of confidence that is unusual in our modern history?

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War on Metaphorical War

I would like to declare war on the war metaphor. Right now Democrats refer to their opponents’ policies as a “Republican war on women,” but we’ve also had a war on poverty, war on crime, war on drugs, war on cancer and of course, a war on terror. The war metaphor is deployed for political purposes and it has long since done more harm than good.

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Paul’s Delegates to Tampa Bay

What’s crazier: the idea that some Ron Paul delegates believe their candidate should have a prime time speaking role at the Tampa Bay Convention or the Massachusetts Republican Party’s response to the caucus results earlier this spring?

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Brown Campaign’s Next Move

The realization that his efforts to discredit Elizabeth Warren with the “Indian heritage” scandal are not connecting with voters will force the Brown campaign to make some hard decisions soon.

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Wow! George Will has gone off the reservation this time.

The intellectual rigor and integrity of George Will columns have deteriorated in the last few years, but his latest effort to “analyse” the Brown-Warren Senate race (“Diversity deceit may do in Warren” published in the Boston Herald) is such transparently partisan nonsense that I am sure he will look back on it with fright, and soon.

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Can Brown beat the clock?

Brown is fighting for his first full Senate term against presumptive Democratic nominee Elizabeth Warren. The element of surprise and other “special” circumstances of his 2010 election are long gone. Neither his party nor his policy positions will be unclear to Massachusetts voters by Election Day. His only realistic chance for victory is to effectively disassociate himself with his party’s conservative agenda and to discredit his Democratic opponent in the minds of “independent” voters.

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Brown vs. Warren in the Suffolk University/7News Poll

Negativity isn’t what it used to be. At least that is one takeaway from the latest Suffolk University/7News poll, which shows that negative attacks aren’t working against either Senator Scott Brown or Elizabeth Warren.

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Two Weeks in Washington

There is nothing like a tour of the West Wing to introduce students to the substance of life in Washington DC.

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