RomneyCare is working! Poor Mitt.

A new report, sponsored by the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachuestts Foundation, shows that the pilot project for ObamaCare continues to prove workable, affordable, and effective. How will this impact Governor Romney’s ability to make opposition to the individual mandate in the federal Affordable Care Act a prominent part of his campaign? The plot thickens. Click here for the Springfield Republican coverage of the report’s findings.

About Jerold Duquette

Jerold Duquette is an associate professor of political science at Central Connecticut State University. He is the author of Regulating the National Pastime: Baseball and Antitrust and has published articles and book chapters on campaign finance reform, political parties, Massachusetts politics and political culture, public opinion, and political socialization. Professor Duquette lives in Longmeadow, MA with his wife and four children.
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