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Massachusetts Caucuses Gone Wild

Kerry Healy didn’t make it. Neither did Brad Jones. Apparently out organized and under enthused, the official “Mitt” delegate slates were defeated all across the Commonwealth on Saturday. A majority of the 27 delegates that Massachusetts Republicans chose on Saturday to send to the Tampa Bay convention will be non Mitt supporters. What in the name of Leverett Saltonstall is going on here?  Get Bob Maginn on the phone! Mitt must be furious! What a disaster and a huge embarrassment! Is that Ron Kaufmann crying in the corner?

Methinks the damage is overstated.

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Jacoby’s Folly

Apparently, Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby doesn’t let intellectual integrity or logic interfere with his efforts to sell his spin.

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Budget Politics

Just a few thoughts on the budget today as the three MassPoliticsProfs head off to Portsmouth for the annual meeting of the New England Political Science Association. Deliberation in the state House of Representatives is in the news, or not in the news, as the case may be.

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Professor Cunningham on Senate Race in Financial Times

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Release your taxes!

Should the candidates release their tax records from the past 4 or 6 years?  This is the question of the hour in the Massachusetts Senate race.

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The Politics of EBT Cards

The use and misuse of Electronic Benefit Cards has become an issue in the commonwealth, spurred on by The Boston Herald. The politics of EBT cards are complicated by notions of care of the vulnerable, fairness, race, and the capacities of the human mind. It’s worth a closer look.

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Romney as Flip Flopper OR Extremist?

This increasingly frequent question in the political media is a “misunderestimation” of the Obama team’s strategy.

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A lesson in democracy from Utah

It would sadden Ted Kennedy.  And that’s another reason why Utah Senator Orrin Hatch is not having an easy time getting renominated by his party.

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“Google Goggles” versus the “Accountability System of Science”

Professor Cunningham’s post about Jonathan Haidt’s book, The Righteous Mind, and the Brown campaign was timely and useful. I’ve been reading much of the work chronicled in Haidt’s latest book for a few years now and have marveled at the insights which various sub-fields in psychology have been developing about the brians and motivations of political partisans and ideologues.

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Mass GOP Goes AWOL?

Accountable politics requires competitive elections and we’ve been monitoring the vital signs of the Massachusetts Republican Party for indications of life. Professor Ubertaccio and I have seen some positives, Professor Duquette has been more skeptical. With less than two weeks to go before nomination papers for state legislature must be filed, the situation looks grim.

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