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Abraham Lincoln. Amanihotep Smith. Trayvon Martin.

In 1838 Abraham Lincoln gave a speech called On the Perpetuation of Our Political Institutions. Lincoln argued that if we should ever surrender the blessings of this country it would be by our own hand, and that could happen if lawless people so control our society with no effective response from the government, that our way of life is destroyed. The Mattapan massacre and the killing of Trayvon Martin suggest we are some distance down that path.    

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Stephen Brewer Stands His Ground

If timing is everything in politics, the time couldn’t be worse to advocate for a Massachusetts version of Stand Your Ground.

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Out of Sync: Political and Judicial Conservatism

James Toranto’s WSJ op-ed of March 22, 2012, The Ineffective Greenhouse: A Liberal legal legend’s ludicrous ObamaCare defense is a veritable case study in bad argument and disingenuous spin.

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Could Eugene O’Flaherty Be Right?

Last week a bill to eliminate the statute of limitations on prosecuting child sex abuse cases got out of the Joint Judiciary Committee on Beacon Hill, advanced by a public outcry. House Judiciary Chairman Eugene O’Flaherty urged members not to be swayed by public opinion. Could he be right?

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Brown is “all in,” Warren has time.

Brown is “all in” and Warren should take her time making her bets and revealing her cards.

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Professor U on the latest in GOP Primary Politics

Professor Ubertaccio appeared on NECN’s Morning Show to discuss the latest in GOP Primary Politics.

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“But had disaster whispered here?”

When the vote total from a small precinct showed a smaller margin of victory than anticipated, the fictitious mayor in Edwin O’Connor’s classic, The Last Hurrah, begins to sense what was once beyond belief: defeat.   I was thinking of O’Connor, again, as I looked over the landscape of the Brown-Warren race.

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Did Sen. Brewer fall and bump his head?

In the wake of the killing of an unarmed teenager in Florida, Massachusetts State Senator Stephen Brewer “is advocating for a bill that would expand a person’s right to use deadly force in self-defense without first making an attempt at a retreat.” (1)

Okay, it’s not quite this bad.  The bill was introduced before the shooting in Florida.  Do the sponsors of this bill still support it today?  If so, why?

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Etch a Mitt

Talk about hyperventilating.  What’s sillier, Fehrnstrom’s Etch a Sketch comment, Newt Gingrich explaining how an Etch A Sketch works, or the general overreaction to the Etch a Sketch imbroglio?

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Dumb Down with Scott Brown

How is it that Senator Scott Brown is so dangerous to the Democratic Party’s view of the world, and yet so darn dumb? (At least he is in the Democratic Party’s view of the world). And how is it that in a state where the dominant political regime was built by labor and Catholics, Senator Brown is picking the Democrats pockets with those folks? Hint: proven electoral ability, and to paraphrase the great political philosopher Yogi Berra, ‘you can hear a lot just by listening.’ Click to my column in CommonWealth Magazine for more on The dangerous (and dumb) Scott Brown.

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