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Maginn’s Donations to Ds are S.O.P.

The newly elected Chair of the state’s Republican Party, Robert Maginn, has made some seemingly embarrassing headlines lately. The revelation that Maginn donated $500 to Governor Patrick’s re-election campaign, however, was not news to those who understand the business of politics.

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The Governor Party Managers II

Managers were the rising power when Edgar Litt published The Political Cultures of  Massachusetts in 1965. They were a group that in some ways combined the Worker heritage of second and third generation new stock residents among the Irish, Jewish, and Italian communities with the skills and education of the Patricians. Managers are now key to a state-wide race in the state, especially as they constitute the base of the Governor Party, and I’m hoping for some fresh ideas about how to define them.

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The Herald Endorses Mitt

The Boston Herald  endorsed Mitt Romney for President yesterday.  Four years ago they chose John McCain over the former Governor.  What’s changed?

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One week to Polipalooza

MassPoliProfs contributor Professor Ubertaccio appeared on NECN’s Morning Show one week before the Iowa Caucus to size up the field in Election 2012.

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Newt and the Judges

The former Speaker is only the latest to take on the judiciary, as MassPoliProfs contributor notes in a Letter to the Editor in today’s Washington Post.

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Politics and the Fannie-Freddie Debate

We often hear in politics that it is important to fight for a cause. But it is just as important, and at least as frequent, to fight over the cause. Because if one side can control the definition of what caused an unwelcome event, it has gone a long way to having its preferred solution seem the most plausible policy choice.

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At CommonWealth Magazine: Checking the elephant for a pulse

In the immortal phrase of Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo
I am going to pump my own tires here by simply cross posting to my article in
CommonWealth Magazine online, Checking the elephant for a pulse. MassPoliticsProfs readers will recognize the article as a furtherance of the discussion professors Duquette, Ubertaccio, and I have been having on MPP concerning the viability of the Republican Party in Massachusetts.

Now it is time to go back to grading. Happy holidays everyone!

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Fair Massachusetts Besmirched

According to the Globe’s Shira Schoenberg, Newt Gingrich resorted to one of the tried and true campaign tactics of Republican presidential candidates yesterday — he attacked Massachusetts. Read it and weep for our dear commonwealth:

“’We’re thinking of having a Massachusetts rally at some point in New Hampshire, sort of a please don’t turn America into Massachusetts,’ the former House speaker told around 125 people at the Radisson Hotel.

Gingrich explained to reporters later that Massachusetts, the home state of archrival Mitt Romney, is ‘a very expensive state with a very liberal political culture.’”

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The Governor Party – Managers I

My recent post Urbans and Suburbans in State Government engendered some good discussion on these pages and got picked up over at by the Government Relations and Public Policy Professionals of Massachusetts, or GovProsMass for short (join them at linkedin if you are in the field). Several of the GovProsMass who responded disagreed with me but it was a good discussion with knowledgeable people. That prompted me to go back to the work I’ve been doing on Edgar Litt’s The Political Cultures of Massachusetts, this time on Litt’s managers. Or as I identified them in the Urbans and Suburbans post, the Governor Party. To be governor you must be a manager.

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A Snooze of a Democratic Senate Primary

The September 2012 primary election to choose the next Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate is now a foregone conclusion.

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