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On Romney & Organizational Strength

When Texas Senator Phil Gramm ran for President in 1996, he was convinced he had the secret to ensure the success of his nomination: ready money.  Turns out he was wrong (as fellow Texan John Connally could have told him after his disastrous run in 1980).  Mitt Romney seems on the verge of a better definition of success: serious advanced planning.  And it’s likely to give him the nomination.

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Senator Brown’s Perspective

Having spent a considerable amount of ink on the candidacy of Elizabeth Warren and the 2012 Massachusetts Senate race in general, I’m feeling obliged to consider Senator Brown’s particular path to re-election as well.

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The Springfield Mayor’s Race

The state’s third largest city is having a mayor’s race and to hear long time Western Mass journalists like Maureen Turner tell it, the question is does anyone know it in Springfield.

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Political Chat on Morning Show

Professor Ubertaccio visits with the crew on NECN’s Morning Show to chat about politics

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Khazei and Olver out, Romney in

The Tea Party rages and the Occupy movement hunkers down for the winter. Yes, these are the good times – for the establishment.

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Regulate and Punish

Last week I attended a forum on a new way for the state and municipalities to bargain productively with public employee unions. In the midst of the hopes for reform one discussant raised as a barrier the state’s ingrained custom of turning any proposal into an opportunity to regulate and punish. And to that I say, let’s blame the Puritans.

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Dr. Stein Won’t Go to Washington

The Green Party under Jill Stein might just improve its 2008 electoral showing of 161,603 votes or 0.12%. Of the national vote.  But it’s not likely.

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Doubting Mitt

This may leave Massachusetts voters slack-jawed in wonder but Mitt Romney has once again been accused of having principles as firm as a dandelion in high winds.  This time Kimberley A. Strassel of the Wall Street Journal is calling into question his bona fides as a true believer in free markets. Since Governor Romney has enough religious problems in the party he scarcely needs to be labeled an apostate to economic Scripture. He needs to assure Ms. Strassel that he reads the Wall Street Journal version of the Bible: the money changers toss Jesus out of the temple and the party goes on. This could be a problem.

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Breaking down the politics

Professor Ubertaccio sat down with NECN’s Steve Aveson this morning.

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On our geographically based districts

Peter Schworm’s article in the Sunday Globe nicely illuminates the dangers inherent in the decennial redistricting of congressional districts.

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